Camp Chef Super Outdoor/Indoor Movie Screen

Camp Chef Super Outdoor/Indoor Movie Screen
Price: $149.99
Condition: New

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Great reviews over at Amazon

Turn it on it’s back and you can watch TV, while jumping on your fancy trampoline.

I have this one and it’s amazing. got it for $200 off amazon, so this price is definitively a good price. It’s worth 3 family movie nights at the theater, so you’re getting your money’s worth for years. Couple it with a cheap LED projector (link doesn’t work for me either)and you got yourself a sweet backyard movie theater!!

Does anyone remember when this was on previously? How much was it? It was not on wootstalker but I remember it or one just like it.

whoa, just what I was looking for.

I have one of a different model (same company) that doesn’t have the rear projection option. I use it in my home between my home theater and my rumpus room. It’s really good and built solid, but the screen did have some grey stains on it from where it touched the black backing while it was rolled up for shipping. I’m still going to buy this though… The rear projection option will give me video in two rooms at once! (when it’s sufficiently dark) Hopefully the packaging has been updated to keep the black backing fabric separate from the viewing surface. Either way I’ll finally get some AV entertainment in the rumpus room.

Kind of defeats the whole purpose of camping doesn’t it?

That was my thought, too! We go camping primarily to get away from the TV, computer, and phone for a while. But I love the idea of it for the back yard.

Just bought this from Amazon Oct 20th. Was a one day sale I recall for $154.99. Free shipping makes it a tie. It’s a solid well made/designed screen that with care, should last for years. I have it set up in my basement. It provides a bright screen and I bought it in anticipation of a Super Bowl Party. It collapses into a fairly small foot print for storage.

When it arrived was it rolled in a manner that kept the black fabric from touching the screen? I’ve heard that the black color can leech onto the projector surface and discolor it.

Eeeeuuuuuuuwwww… expose the neighbors to my viewing habits???

No thanks!

Can it be used outside during the day light, or even inside with the lights on or does it need to be dark. I understand the quality of projector may play a role in this too.

I made my own…

We found the problem with the link in the comments! It was linking to a Plus sale that hadn’t launched publicly yet, so oh ho ho, boy are our faces red. Let us know if you still have issues!

(I’ll be deleting previous posts about it so others don’t get too confused but it will be with love in my heart for those of you commenting)

While camping you can show nature movies about bears and cougars attacking campers.

That’s almost exclusively a limitation of the projector. The difference between a $600 1080p projector and a $5000 1080p projector is generally the ability to work in bright environments. Someone will inevitably argue the reflections on the screen and they’re not wrong, but it’s 95% projector.

You need a grey screen for it to work well with ambient light. According to the comments on Amazon, this has a grey screen. Perhaps Woot can confirm this???