Camp Chef Sushezi Sushi Maker

Camp Chef Sushezi Sushi Maker

Looks like a sushi light saber.


If I could afford this, I’d make PBJ sushi rolls with rice crispies instead of rice!


So the big question after reading the mixed reviews, is it a genuine Sushezi sushi maker or an off-brand?

I think Cheech and Chong could have found additional uses for this, perhaps bundled with an herb grinder. Lol


I have one, they are ok, the only issue is that you might overfill it, and when closing it, the rice will be extremely compressed.

Other than that it works well

Used it a couple of times, but my family prefers the sushi when rolled with the bamboo mat


If you observe the caution about “don’t overfill”, what’s not to love? Alternatives with rice crispies sound tempting; sushi within seaweed sheets should be very doable. And as far as I’m concerned, “fresh” should never again be a question.
I’ve been known to roll my own spring rolls, too - and the rice paper, mint leaves, shrimp and rice noodles are all nicely available at almost any Asian market.
The product I regret missing was a similar device for making Dolmada (stuffed grape leaves). THAT one seriously looked like a Cheech and Chong Bomber roller, if you can imagine!

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I have one of these from Amazon - they are pretty cool, and the kids love making sushi now - a serious plus because now I just have to buy the ingredients and let them at it while still getting sushi :+1:

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For whatever it’s worth here’s a video of a partially unsatisfied customer… Pros and cons to this device mostly cons…

From personal experience which is 0 of making sushi, it’s not hard to use the traditional method using a sushi mattress… it’s bit that hard and takes a couple of trues before you get it right and arguably as hard or easy as using this “flimsy” device.

On watching this video I personally decided to not buy. Maybe worth a dollar at a Dollar Tree but certainly not 15…

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Going to find out about “acceptance” of sushi from this device - I agree about it possibly being better/easier with the bamboo mat…

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