Camp Glow

Please Woot…please.

From all the 6’+ft guy (and gals?) out there, CARRY SOME TALL SIZES.

I like many of the designs but buying T-shirts that aren’t tall either leave them a) too short on me, leaving my waist and biceps too exposed or b) I choose a larger size and end up swimming in a shirt.

Let’s get some LT love in here! (bonus points if you don’t also crank up the price for those tall sizes!)

The problem is that manufacturers don’t offer such options in the variety of colors that’s used here, and the volume isn’t there to have hundreds of thousands of them custom made.

That said, have you been purchasing the standard or the premium? The standard Anvil shirts shrink A LOT; the premium Canvas/Bella shirts much much less. My .sig links to the discussion page where I have some numbers comparing the shrinkage.


Also always good to see full on Canvas 3001u (fully USA made vs. USA materials sewn elsewhere) blanks being used.