Camp Hyrule

Is Link the camp counselor?

Great design, congrats on the print, geekfactor12!

I imagine they have a decent archery setup there. Congrats on the print!

Every year some dumb kid suffers burns from the zoras in the lake. Always bring shields to the lake, kids!

Great design.

Um, there was no horse riding in The Legend of Zelda, or Zelda II, or Link to the past…

I wonder if Error is a camp counselor

Love this shirt! Real shame that men’s sizes go up to 3x, but women’s only go to a (smallish) xl. Chubby zelda fangirls can’t give you their money if you don’t carry a decent range of sizes. Boo.

That is the only thing keeping me from buying this shirt. It’s inaccurate. Bummer. Otherwise I like it.