Camping Accessories and Gear

Looks like a great matchup of camping accessories and tents!

Feel free to share your camping experiences here with this gear! Or just ask questions. That’s good too.

I’ll share the same warning I did last time Woot sold High Peak sleeping bags: Their temperature ratings are grossly “optimistic.” If you actually want to go winter camping, mountaineering or anything else where you’ll actually encounter 0 degree temperatures, these bags will probably kill you. I urge anyone to test them carefully in controlled conditions (i.e. your backyard) before you take them into the wild.

Why in the world would you post pictures of a hiking pack, but you wouldn’t show the front side??? The side that needs all the ergonomics? Maybe if you found some pictures I would be interested in purchasing one…

Use your Google-fu, young padawan. Seriously, it’s the first result.

Alpinismo 55:

Alpinismo 45

Orrrrrrr… It’s a buyers market. The seller does the work where I come from. Thanks for doing Woot’s job. You should submit a resume to them. I’ll give you a glowing review!

Btw- thank you.