Camping Essentials

Butane stoves are great unless it’s cold. Not so great if the temp is below 45-ish because of butane’s boiling point. Use propane for cold weather cooking.

Hello Mods, wherever you are, a correction is needed in the main sale page. It lists: “Power Practical PowerPot - Two Sizes”, while the link leads to a sale for but one size.

The grill brush is not a “camping” grill brush at almost 2 feet long! I ordered it not looking at the size, now I have a grill brush as big as the diameter of my portable webber camping grill. Ridiculous.

The set comes with two pots, hence the two sizes.

[mod edit: no, this will only come with the 5]

The LED Lenser Tac Torch description seems to imply it is the 2 flashlight set, but only one is pictured. Is this the T5E Tac Torch combo, or just the Tac Torch pictured?

If it’s just the Tac Torch, that is currently cheaper on Amazon.

Why would anyone need to file water?

And why does some dude’s name show up after my post? And why can’t I delete it or tell Woot to not post it?

[MOD EDIT: Removed :wink:]

Does this come with both sizes (5 and 10) of the PowerPot? Or just the PowerPot 5? (confusing because the specs list both… but there is no option to choose one or the other)

I’m pretty sure just the 5 is available and that we listed this incorrectly. I’m checking in to make sure and I’ll update my post when I hear back.

Edit: yep, just comes with the 5.