Camping Gear

I bought a couple of the zero degree Yukon bags last time and tried them out in the Sierras. Really warm and comfortable and the bottom unzips for a comforter. A bit heavy for backpacking but would do in a pinch. Pretty cushy for this cheap.

I bought the Texsport Cool Canyon 5-Person Tent… in the last woot. Overall I give it a 4 out of five. It’s great for light camping. It didn’t rain when we used it but I don’t expect it to be very wind and rain resistant. It got cold at night so make sure you insulate yourself very well. On the flipside it never got hot and is quite breezy when all the flaps are up. For the price it’s a great buy!

To prep it for possible rain, just spray some silicon spray on it and seal the seams. Pretty cheap way to seal up a cheap tent. I did this with a $25 tent more than 10 years ago, and even though I don’t use it much anymore (I used to use it 7+ times a year), it still holds up to weather really well.

How small does the tent pack? I’m having trouble finding pictures of it packed-- I’m looking for something you could actually carry in a pack, rather than something you pitch right next to your car. Would this fit the bill?

No, i don’t think you would want to pack this. it’s a couple feet long at least.

I agree with this – I quite liked it for summer time car camping

Now, any tent could possibly be a backpacking tent, but some will just plain not be friendly on the trail. This is one of those tents.

It specs out at 8lbs (Probably generous at best), and it has 80 sq feet of floor space, not to mention it is nearly 5.5 ft tall. My guess is the best you could pack it down with a high quality compression sack will be in the 10-12 inch wide by 18-20 inch long. Nasty! The “heavy duty” materials don’t pack down well.

That being said, I lugged a Coleman cheapo from Wally World all over the Beartooth Mountains in Montana for two years before I wisened up and got a nice backpacking tent. It’s all a trade off of how far you go, what else you wish to take with you, and how much you can carry.

I’m having trouble believing that tent fits five people…