Can't Gopher That

So ludicrous laughter is assured.

But I could totally gopher that sweet mustache.

A Hall & Oates shirt? I just might have to snag this one, but need to sleep on it first. Abandoned Luncheonette is a phenomenally underrated record.

I want to hear them hit the high notes!

I have never hated those terrible Anvil shirts more.

I love H&O. With no trace of any kind of irony. I love them.

And I hate looking like a human bell, so I will pine from afar.

No can do…

If your love is true and sincere, a tailor will be your best friend.

Shouldn’t the back have a “not” sign over a can of dew?

The perfect shirt to wear to this year’s Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame induction!

Yep. Stuck in my head all morning.


I guess I’ll just have to imagine the party in the back on that blonde gopher…

A former co-worker, a member of Gen Y, asked me (circa 2004) if I had ever heard of this band called Hall and Oates. He mistook my reaction–a stare and a dropped jaw–for a no and said, “Oh, I thought you might have heard of them. Apparently they were pretty big in the 80’s.”

I was less than 10 years older than he, but I felt old and shriveled at that moment. And now I feel ancient every blessed time I hear Hall and Oates. You will, too! You’re welcome.

I am curious, then, where you stand on The Bird and the Bee? I really like their Hall and Oates stuff. As the album title implies, it is more interpretation than cover.

Would have been SO much better without the words on it.

Thanks for the earworm!

AMEN! Freshman year in college the album found me - it was a perfect Friday afternoon lead into the weekend, before the keg!

Side One is phenomenally tight!
1. “When the Morning Comes” (Daryl Hall) – 3:12
2. “Had I Known You Better Then” (John Oates) – 3:22
3. “Las Vegas Turnaround (The Stewardess Song)” (Oates) – 2:57
4. “She’s Gone” (Hall, Oates) – 5:15
5. “I’m Just a Kid (Don’t Make Me Feel Like a Man)” (Oates) – 3:20

I Can’t believe they left this out!
I’m Just a KID (Don’t Make Me Feel Like A Man)

This is not a flattering color for we in the over 50 set…

Snagged one of these for my brother who’s a Hall & Oates fan, has a weird sense of humor and also has a birthday coming up.

As far as the song, here’s my favorite version of it: [youtube=WJiCUdLBxuI][/youtube]

Living in Minnesota, if this came in gold with maroon ink, I’d probably buy a dozen to hand out to all my Friends who are U of Mn fans