Can't Wait for Spring



…uh, yeah. Cute!


Sweet little foxes painting spring blossoms, and putting them on the tree!~ I wish that would work to truly bring Spring already!

Holy freaking squee how cute!

It’s so true here in the DC! the Cherry Blossom Festival is finally here!

I’ll definitely buy one for this cold winter.

I love the colors! The silver/white/red/green lend a Christmas feel; I’d totally start wearing this around Christmas, since that’s usually when I start pining for spring.

Congratulations on the print, flyingmouse!

Great timing, as right now the weather is being a tease. Sunny and warm one day, snowing the next. Make up your mind!

I agree that it’s a little out of season but I really like the charm factor here. Art is a passion of mine yet I cannot create, so I can only sit back and appreciate. So I think the concept here really connects to me beyond just the foxes.

But still, foxes! :smiley:

Are they gonna do the whole forest, 'cause I think they’ll need more paper.

I guess I’m the only one that doesn’t like this… too cutesy, and why foxes? Reminds me of that Japanese cuteness-overload stuff. Maybe if it were an animal that hibernates…

I live in costal California there is no winter

This is a shirt that reminds me why silver is probably my favorite shirt color, colors pop off it so well, even the smallest splashes of green and white.

It’s cute… for my nephew.

I don’t understand why all the foxes lately on shirts. Is it because they eat cats and folks are sick of cat shirts ?

Thanks all for the loves and votes :slight_smile:

You do realize that all the kids who get this shirt are now going to go out and stick their drawings on trees and bushes in the yard. lol At least I know that’s what my nephew will do. Revenge on one’s sister can be so sweet. : )

lol it is sweet that you have an artsy nephew :slight_smile:

Nice work voters!

This is very cute, and the small number of colors keeps it wearable and classy. Congrats FlyingMouse. :^)

Crafty as a fox?