Can & Jar Opener Set

Any one use these?

Bought a set, used the opener once and then freecycled them both.

Previous woot also $9.99

Bought it, haven’t tried it yet. Majority opinion over many woots of this is jar opener is wonderful. Diverse opinion on can opener: is (a) horrible, (b) people can’t figure out how to work it without reading the instructions, © people are getting defective ones, and/or (d) just as wonderful as the jar opener.

Might come back with more later, but that’s all I can do right now.

I can’t really comment on the jar thingy, but the can opener is awesome. It just sort of takes the entire top of the can off – no sharp edges to worry about, and no messy stuff on the blade. Getting two more for gifts.

I think the can opener is fantastic, easy to use, and leaves cans in better shape than a conventional manual or electric can opener.

The jar opener is so-so, I get about the same mileage out of a plastic grip.

My only complain is that I occasionally have to use a pair of pliers on the top of the can after the can opener is removed, if I pull slightly away from the center of the can the lid pops up. Sometimes it lifts off with a strong magnet from the fridge, but ymmv. The built in tabs on the opener aren’t as strong as pliers, but maybe that’s me.

Oh, the cleaned up lids are great for drawing circles or patterns - aren’t we artists creative…?

Will woot soup be available as a Woot Plus sale on wine.woot tomorrow?

I’d hope Woot Soup is nothing like a Can of Crap…

I’ve had a similar set (slight difference in design but not function) for nearly 4 yrs. The can opener is one of the best I’ve had. The jar opener has been a real help since I’ve had to have bilateral thumb joint surgery. This opener cranks tightly onto virtually all common-size jars and gives good leverage to pop open stubborn jars. Definitely would recommend for those with hand-strength issues.

I bought one on woot! before, and I wouldn’t buy another one. The jar opener is pretty useless, and the can opener is mediocre at best. They are also very big and don’t fit into crowded kitchen drawers very well.

Love love love these. Have had no problems with them and they are fun to use !! You should buy three !!!

The jar opener is nice.

The can opener is literally the worst can opener I’ve ever had.

I was actually using it not 6 hours ago and thinking I should warn people away from it.

I bought these last time and love both of them. The can opener is really slick, but you must understand the directions. The jar opener is likewise fantastic - opens the larger jars that my other opener couldn’t handle.

I bought these a couple woots ago, jar opener is great, can opener broke after 3rd use.

Bought it a couple months ago as a gift for my mom.

So far the jar opener is good (especially as a gift for an older person or anyone without a lot of arm strength) but the can opener is too convoluted to suggest to anyone. It’s interesting but not practical.

I’m no conservative, but sometimes you stick with a design that has worked for decades and don’t mess with it just to be fancy.

I’d suggest it only if you have a $5 coupon expiring soon. $15 for a jar opener isn’t a deal.

We always use the safety edge type can openers at our house, but our previous one broke, and we were researching a new one when we saw this Kuhn Rikon one at the local store. We liked this one because it had all the gears exposed, so it would make it easier to clean. We were fairly certain the last one broke from crud and metal filings getting stuck in the gears, which can be a problem with some of the safety edge can openers.

We wound up getting this exact one, complete with the weird lid gripper thing (I have no idea why this would be necessary on a can opener that’s supposed to open lids and create unsharp edges.) The first can we tried it on (tomato sauce,) it was just terrible, wouldn’t open it for anything, and just made a mess out of the side of the can. Yes we read the instructions, and reread it, and we marveled at how it just appeared to do something but in the end never managed to do more than dent the edges of the tomato sauce can.

We brought the opener back the same day and got a different safety edge brand (no name mentioned) with a lifetime warranty, and opened the can in the first try, mangled and all from the kuhn rikon. This can opener almost destroyed an entire day’s worth of eggplant parm prep by being a defective lemon.

I bought the red set from Woot a few weeks ago. The 2 items are different shades of red, so it won’t look like a set. I used the can opener once and it worked well. The next time it could not grip the can for the blade to cut. Woot service is very good and sent me a replacement set. I have opened more than a handful of cans with the replacement. After reading all the other reviews, I do not think it will last long before it breaks again.

I purchased a set not the last time they were offered, but the time before that. The can opener worked great for 6 or so cans, then it wouldn’t open anything.

I warned the community the last time they were offered, and I was instructed to contact Kuhn Rikon to get a replacement. I did that, and it took about 2 weeks for the new one to arrive.

So far so good.

Let me slink on in with another serving of my experience: I have arthritis and the jar opener has really made a remarkable difference for me. Just the other night I wrestled briefly with a jar of pickled okra (it’s legal in six states and the colony of the District of Columbia), then remembered the jar opener and BAM!! that sucker was open. Nothing else has been anywhere nearly as helpful. Get one!

I bought a set (jar opener and can opener) when they were first available here on Woot. Both items worked very well right out of the box and I praised them right here about 7 or 8 weeks ago. Shortly thereafter, the can opener stopped working. Couldn’t understand why as nothing was broken off and nothing seemed damaged…the device just stopped opening cans.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago I telephoned the manufacturer to see if I was doing something wrong…if I was in any way responsible for breaking the item. The person on the phone told me that the can opener was giving them much trouble and asked me if they could mail me a replacement of different design. He said he would personally test the item before mailing it to me. I thanked him for his time and as I hung up the phone thought how very nice these people were.

A few days later I received a package containing not one but 2 new can openers. Believe it or not, but not one of them worked. I’ve written them off and suggest that you pass on any drama and not consider buying one of these items. Very nice people to deal with but they’re selling an item which is not ready for the real world.