Can & Jar Opener Set

I finally got to use the jar opener thingy and yay I didn’t need help! The can opener is equally amazing and fun to use.

Here was a previous woot with 151 comments.

Some of my favorite highlights were:
This is great (lifesaver even?) for people with Arthritis.
The lidlifter prevents the contents of the can from touching the gadget itself

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Can you tell me if the box it comes in is nice-ish? I’m looking at this as a birthday gift for my mom. Thanks.

Also re: the description. How do you open a soda can other than by popping the top? :J

I tell you I opened the package real fast so I don’t even remember what it came in lol.

Ah okay, thanks. Got one anyway…box won’t last long like you said.

This jar- opener tool changed my life. Really. When my arthritis flares up, I can’t do lots of simple things, like open jars to prepare meals. But with this I can. For someone with arthritis, this tool can make all the difference in the world.

The jar opener works well. I was very unhappy with t he can opener. Hard to start and doesn’t always finish before slipping off

I bought 2 of these the last time and still to this day have never gotten the can opener to work… But the top opener works well…

jar opener works perfectly but there is design flaw on the can opener, where the cutting mechanism doesn’t reach the tin. Wrote to Kuhn Rikon and got a reply right away, said they’ll ship a replacement. I will be waiting!

Bought this from Woot! when it was previously offered. The can lid thing is so cool I will never go back to my beloved Swing-A-Way can opener. You just aim the lid thing at the lid, pointing the pointer at the center of the can, and start turning. It grabs the can and starts turning it, and when you feel a little release of the turning pressure (very subtle), it is done. Then you look at the can. HEY, IT DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!!! At least that’s what you think because the can looks the same. But, magically, the lid is now unbound from the can, and you can just lift it off by holding the can in your left hand and sliding your thumb against the rim with an upward motion. It lifts like a perfect (and replaceable) top. No sharp edges. Wow! Magic! The bottle-top opener gives nice leverage so the wimps in the house can open a jar of cocktail cherries without having to come ask me to do it. But then they have to come to me to ask which way to turn the thing. Really? No, seriously, really? You don’t know which way to turn a top to open it? (Sigh.) “Lefty-loosey, righty-tighty.” “What?” Again…really? “Left to loosen, right to tighten.” “Oh. Can you show me?” (Sigh.)

I bought this the last time woot offered it,and I am not impressed with it. The can opener is large and horrible, and the jar opener is to big to keep handy in any kitchen drawer. They are selling these things at a heavy discount for a reason. I wouldn’t advise anyone to buy it.

I got these last time and really like them! I thought I would never use a jar opener but I’ve used it several times now. And the can opener is awesome since I can put the lids back on the can.
My only beef is the can opener is a little tougher to operate than a regular one - I guess I’m wimpier than I thought. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought this last time. The can opener doesn’t work well at all! The jar opener is nice but is bulky. I’d get the jar opener again but pass on the can opener.

I too bought these last time. Jar opener works but the Can opener was a disaster. Not only did it disengage many times doing so created a sharp bristle like steel shard that I feel fortunate got stuck only deep in my finger rather than in my food & GI tract (no, I’m not clumsy with hand tools - I work with them daily designing products and find this iffy).

I bought this set and have reverted back to the old style…too much to line up and have it not work half of the time…save your money…

The can opener sucks. You need to pry the lid off with your fingernails once it goes around once. I tried going around twice to see if it would make it come off easier, but it didn’t, and worst of all, I got a “micro-splinter” of metal stuck slightly into my finger, so I’ll never go around twice again… I remember a similar style “safety can opener” my psrents had when I was a kid, so this style of can opener can work great, but not this particular one…

The jar opener works great, the can opener has never worked. I even went to a website and watched a video of how it supposed to work. Tried again but the cutter will not cut through.

Oh, no! Don’t use your fingernails - I purchased these openers on an earlier Woot. There is a little pincher thing to grip the edge of the can lid after you finish opening the can. If you try it, you will save your fingernails.
I had an electric version that removed the lid like this, but no pincher thingy… So far, I find this opener works great!