Can & Jar Opener Set

LOL! Sounds like they know exactly what they’re doing! :wink:

I’m with you - have never gotten the can opener to work. Worst piece of junk I’ve ever bought. And it is still in the drawer in the kitchen. Somehow I can’t bring myself to throw away something that is brand new and has never been used. Never used because it is JUNK!

I got one several months ago through Woot. It was horrid. Never opened a single can. Kuhn sent me a replacement. It worked effortlessly first time. With all the negative feedback during the last woot, I suspect there was a quality issue that got passed off here. Email Kuhn Rihon and see if you can’t work out a replacement solution.

There is a built-in way to remove the lid rather than use your thumb to do so. First notice the two shiny metal tabs on the side of the opener. These are used to remove the lid as follows…

On the other side of the opener you will find a sort of button. Once this button is depressed, the 2 shiny metal tabs will close. Place the tabs on the lip of the lid and while holding it there depress the button, which allows the tabs to grip the lid. Now rock the opener and the lid will easily come off.

No complaints with how they work, but!
What’s the deal with the pricing? Bought this last month when it showed up on sellout but had to pay three dollars more. They just played the same game over on Sport, two days ago flip flops for twelve dollars, now today same version just different name comes in at ten bucks. This new Woot is playing to many games. It seems as if it will be necessary to set up spread sheets and have a crystal ball to find out if you are actually getting a deal or it will show up a couple of days, weeks, or months later for a better price. Pulled the same game a week or two ago with the Samsung Galaxy mp3 player selling it that time for the same price refurbished that it was sold last summer as a pre introduction offer brand new.
I admit to being a fairly junior member of woot. But being retired and disabled have been following the Site daily for almost a year and this new woot crap reminds me of the sales games that the big box stores have been playing for years.

Got the red version last time. Or should I say the red versions because they were two different shades of red. Different enough to be annoying but not a deal breaker. That would come a month or so later when the can opener slowly declined in functionality to the point of uselessness. Doesn’t open cans anymore so fail regardless of color.

If I remember correctly, it is a plain cardboard box. Nothing fancy for sure.

This is the act same complaint I have. I got the “red” (more like an almost red, but actually more rust orange). And they do not match. It actually was a deal breaker for me. I planned on giving one set as a gift but because of the color of each not matching, I was embarrassed to give it. So now I am stuck with it. I would not buy this set again. Not sure about the other colors, but the “red” was a HUGE disappointment for me.

It functions as stated, but the can opener is getting less useful each time I try to use it.

I bought a can opener like this: a few years ago (manual safety can opener and a bit cheaper in store than this one is on Amazon), and I have to say it’s one of my absolute favorite kitchen gadgets I’ve ever bought. I had been using a Swing-a-way can opener for a few years prior, and while it always did a great job opening cans, you’d wind up with that last 1/8" that twisted the lid into the food, or you had to be really careful, or all those other annoying things we all know that come with opening cans.

Bought one of these on a whim and never looked back. I actually TRIED to cut myself like they did on the commercial and was amazed it was as smooth as they described. It also takes way less force to turn than a traditional can opener, something probably nice for arthritic people. I was actually happy enough with the product I went out and bought two more, one for my mom and one for my girlfriend’s mom. Both of them now feel about it the same way I do.

I bought these a few months ago when they were on woot. I haven’t had use for the jar opener yet (I’m strong like HULK!), so I can’t comment on that. I like the can opener for the most part. The biggest issue I have with it is that I can’t get the damn opener off of the can once it’s gone 'round the can all the way. This is troublesome when opening any can that has liquid in it…which is pretty much any can…because while I’m trying to pry the damn opener off of the can, I’m sloshing tuna juice or olive juice or whatever juice all over my hands and the kitchen counter. Messy. Does anyone have this issue? And/or tips and tricks on how to get it off of there?

Turn the handle back in the other direction about a quarter turn, then pull the tool slightly back toward you and lift up gently at the same time.

I bought this set last time it was up and while I didn’t care for it at first, it’s grown on me. I got the blue and both pieces matched in color - reds can be a bit more tricky to match batch to batch sometimes, that’s for sure. I only wanted the jar opener (I’ve got a heart valve defect that requires I avoid placing back pressure on the system, so this is good not just for wimps but other people too) but the can opener is rather nice. Being able to reuse the can top as a lid has cut down on some waste. They are HUGE compared to most kitchen tools through so I had to rework some of my storage scheme.

Jar opener works great but the can opener is a complete bust! I also watched the video and it doesn’t work.

If I remember right, it was just a plain cardboard box. Not gift-worthy, but easy enough to wrap.

To chime in. The can opener is horrible. The worst. Don’t even bother using it, just order the set for the jar opener and drop the can opener right into the trash/donation box.

The jar opener has saved my life, or at least allowed me to open a Gatorade bottle or two. It really works. I have nerve damage in my hands and have trouble gripping things.

It does still require some strength to use. But at least now I can eat spaghetti sauce when my husband isn’t home.

Edited to add: and it’s big and doesn’t fit well in a drawer. I actually put a magnetic hook on the side of the fridge and hang it up.

Echoing other comments on the can opener being junk. Got the bundle from Woot! last month. The jar opener’s great, but the can opener suffers from some serious design flaws.

First, it’s larger than most can openers, to no real benefit. I have an OXO safety can opener as well that’s nearly the same size, but it’s because the mechanism for clamping onto the can is in the handle.

Second, the gears that ultimately cause the mechanism to grip the can don’t always engage. This results in a frustrating series of teases. You think the can opener’s got a grip, only to have the mechanism disengage when you turn the handle.

Third, the little clamp that’s used to grab the opened lid (assuming you can get the lid opened) is in a very awkward position. You either need to shift the opener to your right hand or lean down to the can’s level to get it to line up.

Fourth, if it does engage, it doesn’t always do so tightly enough to open the can on the first circuit. You may have to go around the lid three or four times before it finishes the job. At that point, you run the risk of metal shards/splinters getting in your food or embedding into a finger.

Finally, the opener just fails to work most of the time. I’ve used safety openers for several years and this is the first one that hasn’t lasted long enough to wear out the cutting blade.

The Kuhn Rikon worked for about two days. Since then, it’s about an 80% failure rate when I have to dig out my nearly worn-down OXO or Farberware openers.

The one positive note to all this is that Kuhn Rikon is very responsive. I wrote to them last week explaining my frustrations with the can opener and that I would like to exchange it per the one-year warranty. I got a response within an hour promising that they would send me a new one.

Will be interested in seeing how the replacement works out…

skip it if buying for the can opener.

As others have said, the can opener is a bit hard to twist. It still gets the job done, but feels tighter to turn than a regular can opener.

I don’t have any problems other than that. The jar opener is handy. If arthritis is a problem, though, then the can opener is probably too difficult.

I bought this the last time it was offered. Haven’t tried the can opener due to my arthritis - bought it because I wanted an easier way to open jars. Wish I knew what I am doing wrong with the jar opener because I haven’t had much success using it. Last couple of times I tried it, it kept slipping off the lid so I went back to tapping the edges of the lid on the floor to break the seal & open the jar. So far jar opener 1 success & multiple failures while tapping lid on floor worked on all the failures. Wish the jar opener had worked like all the reviews said.

I got this on a previous Woot for $19.99 and it’s easily worth that, so I strongly recommend jumping on this for $10.99. I haven’t any any difficulties with the can opener at all - it engages well, operates smoothly, and takes the lid of the can off with no sharp edges. It’s awesome. My 15 year old daughter fights with me now to open cans, so it’s now her new job :slight_smile: