Can I bookmark/favorite shirt designs?

I see a lot of shirt designs that I know I’d love to have if they ended up becoming shirts, but I don’t know that I’ll even remember to come back and check all the ones I like. Is there any way to add those to my “favorites” or something for a quick check?

Also, I don’t see where to vote “I’d want one” for shirts in the derby or whatever.

Thanks. I’m new here, and a n00b as you can see.

You can bookmark any page you’d like, but really what will help most is to hang out in the world of woot shirts forum. Designs that aren’t published here at woot often show up on other sites and the designers and others post links to advertise.

As for voting…no voting until you make a purchase from one of the woot sites.

Welcome to Woot.

Hm I see. Thanks. So other than bookmarking a page using my browser though, there is no way to mark a favorite/subscription that is linked to my woot account or something like that?

Thanks again.

Nope. There’s not even a way to see what designs you voted for once the voting session closes.

Ah alright. Thanks for the info!