Can I still post cusswords?


When you take the F out of Function, you get unction, excessive but superficial compliments given with affected charm.

I will extend these unctions to Woot! Keep up the good work and thanks in advance for the next BOC :slight_smile:






i was bored and that was the oldest post i found


do cuss words in other languages count?


as long as none of the mods know what they are…



Cat: Hey hey hey, I've got you now, buddy! J, O, Z, X, Y, Q, K!
Lister: That's not a word.
Cat: It's a Cat word.
Lister: What does it mean?
Cat: It's the sound you make when you get your sexual organs trapped in something.
Lister: Is it in the dictionary?
Cat: Well it could be, if you're reading in the nude and close the book too quick.


good one… LOL