Can & Jar Opener Set



Save $1 off of the Previous Sale


only green left. Wanted black but would of settled for red. oh well…


Mine work well.

Used both today.


These are awesome! I use the can opener at least once a day…after hundreds of cans, it still works like new. I only use the jar opener a couple of times a month, but it’s a great tool too.


I purchased these a few months ago. I’m not a big fan of the can opener - not nearly as nice as the Tupperware one I’ve used. I figured out the trick to getting the can opener to work was to turn it backwards half a turn once you were done “opening” the can. Kind of annoying but it works and I like it a lot more than my normal can opener.

The real worth while part of this set is the jar opener. I don’t use it often but boy wow does it work well. No more running jars under hot water! Worth every penny.


I think I snagged the last black ones. Last time these came up I missed the black ones. I win. I FREAKING WIN and it’s about time too.



I bought two woot offs so far tonight. This is the first time I’ve had to pay sales tax! Whats up with that? Are you guys just padding your wallets and blaming the Gov?


If you read the directions that came with your can opener, they say to turn the key back when you’re done.


I have bought two sets - one as a gift - once you figure out the can opener it’s great. I would buy again…


Where do you live? A few states have required online vendors to start collecting sales tax within the last few months, most notably California.


Arizona, Fascist state in the west


Amazon has a huge distribution center there, so I’m guessing that requires them to collect state taxes.