Can Politics Be Civil?

We WILL Fix Climate Change! - YouTube love these dudes

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I really do think that we need to save Mother Earth. Here is my solution:

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How do I respond to that?

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I had linked to something that was a little too close to my house. No response needed :smiley:

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Never doubt

Math is racist.

:rofl: You know… used to, that could have been a Babylon Bee headline. Today, it’s an actual MSM headline. :roll_eyes:

Dude those two know that man is gonna die aboard the plane of mysterious causes

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“Disinformation Governance Board” = 1984 NewSpeak for “Ministry of Truth”

I was just gonna post this.
McCarthy Hearings all over again?? lol
This White House will do anything to limit information they do not want out.
What a joke. Thank God the Supreme Court can stop this shit.


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I swear… If I didn’t already live in the Great State of Alabama, I would be moving to this county in a heartbeat!

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  1. Nature has finally started fighting back! :cowboy_hat_face:

  2. Out of all the ways I’ve envisioned this Nation falling, I never once t thought it’d be by Wild Turkey! Microbrew IPA, maybe… but never Wild Turkey! :rofl: