Can Politics Be Civil?

Oh. OK.
I was talking pretty much 100% his policies.
Tax cutting, standing for our Constitutional rights, excellent judge choices, repairing foreign trade policies and trying to fix a broken immigration policy. Doing as much as possible to help big & small business and lowering unemployment to help the vast majority of Americans while trying to reduce entitlements when possible.
Yes, his ‘Twittering’ drives me and most nuts. Wondering if that’s on purpose…


ok, i gotta bug out of this before i puke.


I will quote daveinwarshington here, because I agree with him 100%:

His policies seem to me to be absolutely for the betterment of the entire country. I’ll ask you… what specific policies are “selfish, short-sighted, narrow-minded, and apathetic”?

And like dave… yeah, his twit-terring drives me up the wall. I do wish he would quit that. But then again, I wish every one of those twits on that site would just quit.


Really? So when Maxine Waters was telling people to assault and harass any Republican that they see, that’s taking the high road? All of these proven fake “hate crimes” perpetrated supposedly in the name of Trump to further the racist/sexist narrative is taking the high road? All of these physical attacks on teenagers just for supporting the President of the United States… that’s taking the high road? Please… give me some examples of any liberal ever taking the “high road”.

Yeah, Trump calls people names. Oh my. Exactly how has has the party on the right “gone low”?


I’m with you. I’m out.




The biggest issue is that people are having a more difficult time accepting that other people can have a difference in opinion. That doesn’t mean that one needs to change their own set of beliefs, but merely accept that there is a difference. Continuing to improve the nation to the best of their ability should still be paramount, political sniping needs to end. #getbacktowork


Pretty sure the Maxine Waters thing was well after Trump took office and he had established the new “presidential” decorum. Fighting fire with fire, as they say. You act like Trump supporters are snowflakes that can dish it out but not take it back. Boo hoo. This is the America you voted for.

Edit: and you can’t seriously believe Trump does not stoke division.


You didn’t answer my question. Please… give me some examples of any liberal ever taking the “high road” -and- Exactly how has has the party on the right “gone low”?

Actually, I seriously can believe that Trump does not stoke division. I am fully aware that the left is the side stoking division. I’ll add to my original question set… please enlighten us as to how Trump (and not the left) “stoke(s) division.”


Read his Twitter feed. Listen to him speak at rallies. The low road use only road he knows. He was literally just posting about “mini Mike” and “Pocahontas”. Do you consider name calling going high?


No, I don’t. Name calling and mud slinging is the one thing I dislike about him, and every other political figure that has ever existed. I’ve already said I wish he [and everyone really] would stay off twit-ter. However, that still is not “divisive.” Telling your constituents to attack and assault the other side is absolutely divisive and “low road.”

Now, I have continued to give specific examples of every one of my points. Like all who argue for the left, when asked for specifics, your only reply is to tell me to “go look it up yourself.” So, I will ask again…

Specifically… 1) give me some examples of any liberal ever taking the “high road” -and- 2) Exactly how has has the party on the right “gone low”? -and- 3) enlighten us as to how Trump (and not the left) “stoke(s) division.”

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One my biggest problems with him is that he completely lied about supporting LGBTQ+ rights. He said what would we have to lose by supporting him during the campaign. We’ve found out what we have to lose – not letting trans people serve in the military and other policies that are completely against those of us in the LGBTQ+ community.

He lied. Plain and simple. He’s actively taking away people’s rights. And he supports those who would do the same, including his own vice president.

Needless to say, I’m not a fan. Human rights for one group are human rights for us all.


I’m not going to go down that rabbit hole, because I don’t think you and I are going to agree on every aspect of that argument. It’s probably better that I don’t piss off one of the few people here who have never had a problem with me. [well, that I know of :slight_smile: ]

However, I agree that human rights are universal - inalienable, if you will. :wink: I’ve never said that everything Trump does is or must be Gospel. There have been policies I haven’t agreed with as well. I can disagree with aspects and still support the majority of policies. I still stand behind my statement that Trump is the best candidate for America as a whole.

I’m going to answer one of my own questions of @bsmith1 since s/he(?) seems incapable of answering me him/herself. I asked what has Trump done that is “divisive.” You know… I guess in one way, he himself is divisive. Not because of anything he has said or done, though, but because the country is torn over the man himself. Families can’t have simple Thanksgiving dinners together without the news media telling you how to handle “that Trump supporting relative.” Marriages have failed because one partner - usually the tolerant liberal - can’t accept who their partner voted for. Strangers are attacking teenagers because they support the “wrong” candidate. So yeah… I guess just being Donald J. Trump is in and of itself divisive. Sad, really that this is what “civilized” society has devolved in to.


so I can understand your thoughts.
please express to me what you THINK is…
the epitome of what being an American is supposed to be??

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You can’t brush aside all his tweets as “oh yeah those are bad wish he didn’t do that” and move on. Those very tweets are incredibly divisive in so many ways. Plus let’s not forget how he tried blocking anyone who called out his lies.

That’s my biggest problem with him. He’s a very big liar in a very important role. We now have people with jobs to fact check him as he speaks. So sure he created those jobs.

I’m not going to argue with you. This is my opinion.


No, @RebelTaz, I don’t have a problem with you. We may disagree on things but I can and do still respect you as a person.

As for what you wrote, I would argue Trump is divisive because of everything he has said and done. He has made it very clear he has no interest in being my president, so it’s hard to feel anything but animosity toward him. Please don’t dismiss those who disagree with him out of hand by thinking it’s not because of the man, it’s because of the situation. It isn’t.

The man himself is awful to everyone with whom he may disagree. If a regular person did that, it ould be one thing. But Trump is the leader of this country, and instead of using his pulpit to raise people up, he uses it to viciously tear them down. He mocks disabled people (if you argue that he did that same movement when mocking others… well, that just proves my point), he belittles them, including children, and calls them names. He has a terrible track record of treating women like dirt and has cheated on all his wives. He’s just a garbage person. He lies constantly and yet when he’s called out, people dismiss it as a joke, or who cares there are other things more important, and so on. It never seems to matter what he does because people will literally excuse away anything.

But beyond that, looking at his policies – the whole LGBTQ+ is a pretty big one. He has chosen to go against millions of people in spite of promising otherwise. That’s pretty divisive right there and rests squarely on his shoulders. That rabbit hole represents a lot of very real lives. Children commit suicide because they have to deal with attitudes like Trump’s and Pence’s. It’s getting better in SPITE of people like them.

Look at what he’s doing to tear down environmental protections. He’s very clearly anti-science. he pretends to be religious and you know he isn’t, yet he uses it as a shield. He doesn’t seem to have even the most basic grasp on the coronavirus and what it could mean for the people of this country. He was truly AWFUL to the people of Peurto Rico and treated them like something less than human.

And through all this, Trump has said repeatedly that you should believe him and anything else is fake news. That is incredibly harmful yet somehow surprisingly effective. I see people constantly just assuming that anything even vaguely against Trump is somehow made up and is dismissed out of hand without a second thought. Trump wasn’t wrong when he said he could shoot someone and people would still follow him. It’s a cult of personality.

I could go on but I really don’t want to do that. This whole thing makes me incredibly sad because I had thought we were better than this as a country. I was wrong. Trump is a symptom of a greater disease and he will not be remembered fondly by history.

I know we probably disagree on a good portion of what I’ve written but please remember this is something deeply felt. His policies have had a very real negative impact on very real people and what he’s doing to our environment will be felt for decades to come, if not longer. If not forever.


Personally I THINK you can keep it civil if you discuss the merits and pit falls of a policy, but not but not if you discuss anything to do with specific candidates or parties.
I think the first part of a good discourse is to attempt to understand the reasons for the other person’s beliefs about an issue, are there beliefs based on experience, what they have been told, fake news, religion, the neighbors cat… etc. Once you have a base line for the reasons for their beliefs then you decide what (if any) route for discourse to take.
Online it is far more difficult because many times you do not actually know the person and there is no incentive to keep it civil. It degrades quickly, it’s easy to misread or lack clarity online.
In reality you can read so many non-vebals and know rather quickly if you even want to engage… Online it’s the wild west. pewpewpew


Someone who isn’t a jerk would be a good start.

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His rhetoric is divisive.