Can Politics Be Civil?

If I may, how does the ACA affect freedom? I too had a rough ride with the implementation. And had to use the resources for a year. So I get the frustration but believe your position is the problem of Politics from the right. Health care should be simple and seamless. This nation struggles with implementing programs for its people. Yet we are exceptional with throwing money at industries that lobby the wealth of the senate.
The US needs to institute healthcare for all. With the ability to supplement care if one chooses. But across the board we should adopt, yes, a socialized form of health care.
The argument of cost at this point should be moot. Going from half a trillion deficit to more than three and a half still has citizens hurting, suffering and betrayed all has happened under 45. Not 44. Not 46 (unless you and Marty have come back to the future!)
Check economic history. Republicans have given us recessions and a depression(2008) and dems have restored order and standing in the world.
And while I’m at it, who cites a “fat guy sitting in his basement” newsletter that reworks stories from “the media” to give a far right view swing as a credible source. You got to be kidding!
You can keep your head in the sand only so long til you need a breathe of fresh air. I only hope it comes sooner for many than later.

Taxation which limits inherent rights.

They are not just limited. There are no options. I could stop paying my mortgage which is exactly less than all of my health insurance options. I would then need to cancel the internet? Already go without pay tv.

Before the ACA I was able to purchase insurance plans, for 19 years, which meet my needs. After the ACA I have become precluded from purchasing health insurance plans which meet my needs.

It is easy math and one very bad law.

Sorry to hear that. But I’d take Country over personal issues instead of blaming the party trying to get healthcare for all.

Ironically it was sold to the American people in the guise of the exact opposite of what you just said.

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I do understand your experience as you present, but twenty million citizens have gained healthcare that didn’t have access before. I felt the burn of being thrown off my coverage because of the ACA but that was because it was the stalemate of the two parties. There is after all one side of the aisle that believes healthcare should be a fundamental human right since the 90’s and the other party resisting and willing to allow the citizenry to suffer from in the name of “pulling up bootstraps!”
We seem to be arguing the same point with agreement in spirit but defiant by individual experience.
There is an alternative. It’s your choice at this point.

Enjoy being a martyr. I do not because I believe in individual and inherent rights.

I have no choice. What are you talking about? The law of the land created a system which I have a choice to live on the streets or have insurance.

How is that a choice?

Access was denied before the ACA because of government intervention. It it still being denied because of government intervention.

Do you see the common source of problem?

To live in a society does limit such. It’s inherent to the concept.
The choice is to vote. You too may wish to review the history of health insurance and the reason for its design. You, me were never the first thought. I get you are mad and it struck your family. But process is never convenient or easy. And yes, there’s collateral damage in anything that affects mass. A principle of physics.

If I may also say, thanks for allowing me to engage. The back and forth allows for more bridges than walls.



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Just thought you guys might like a little humor.

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This is what I’ve be on about. He’s always referring to himself as “your favorite president” and asking for praise. If you want to be loved and appreciated, you can’t just go around calling yourself the greatest while begging for recognition. A truly great man would be humble and his actions would speak for themselves.

This would be refreshing. I grew up a country boy. It sure would be nice if the President actually lived the life of his “base” and truly shared their interests. That person might get my vote.

Hey… don’t you go agreeing with me. You are going to completely blow my world view out of the water!