Can someone help me find a ....

You are my sunshine blanket

They were on here a week ago or so and I am not sure if they are still available

Thank you

The only one I could find on Woot is sold out but there’s always a chance it will come around again.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

Thank you

Tried to search for nhouse on Amazon for you but surprised to not find any for that brand in home furnishings. However, did find many dozens of other brands with sunshine and throw or Blanket and hope that helps.


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Thank you!!

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Thank you!

I think the ones on Amazon actually have more expressive sentiments and would have the intended effect as a throw or wrap. Maybe even a bit better than the nhouse version. Hope you find something nice you like.

Personally like the top left and right ones the most - they could even be a wall hanging in a child’s room and make them feel beloved.

Very much so and the person and child I am buying them for love sunflowers so they are perfect

Thank you for your help

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Gladly. A favorite memory of mine is of my Father’s green thumbs. He was a very poor but innovative pastor. Had the heart, hands, and skills of Queenie. He grew marvelous, bright Sunflowers taller than I was, stringbeans, melons from seeds, tomatoes, morning glory, and purple Amaranth to feed us in a 10’x12’ yard.

What a great memory …

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Thank you. Good memories of parents love and care. They lost almost everything as war refugees to try to make a life in the USA. A level of loss and hardship most in our generation were spared even if we served in war.

Some tearful realizations years later. They sacrificed greatly to provide. Ate less than their portion some meals to provide for a young hungry child… Only much later understood and haunted by the significance.

After Medical School, found a tin of cat food in their basement (no cat). We invited them to live with us soon thereafter.

Where were they refugees from?

The cat food makes me sad - so glad they accepted the opportunity to move in with you.