Can Someone with Support Please help?

What is going on with my order?

  • Order placed 5/26/24
  • Was supposed to have been delivered by 6/3/24, but hadn’t even shipped by this date
  • Reached out to customer service and asked to cancel the order due to the delay.
  • After several emails and no responses. I was finally told several days later that it could not be cancelled, but I could request a return and refund for a full refund once it arrived
  • Order arrived 6/12/24
  • Order returned 6/13/24
  • Woot received on 6/17/24.
  • Instead of issuing a full refund as promised Woot has now shipped out a second unit today 6/21/24

This second shipment needs to be stopped and returned by UPS to woot and issue a full refund immediately. This is has been a terrible experience and really making me regret purchasing from Woot. The lack of communication has been awful and it makes no sense why a second unit was shipped to me instead of a refund issued when I made it clear in previous emails that i wanted a refund as promised.

Hi there- so sorry to hear this. CS has initiated a refund towards your account. As for the replacement that already shipped, you can either refuse the delivery or once you receive it, we can provide a repaid return label.

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