Can’t change email or password Update: Success thanks to TT

I had exchanged my amazon email years ago…the email for woot is now defunct. I need to change my email and password bc I received a defective laptop from woot yesterday, and I need to exchange this. Please assist, thanks.

Hi there. No worries.

For the return: Email and give them your order number, old email address. Ask them to use your new email address for the return label.

For the email/password: Email again and give them your old email address. Ask them to update it to your new email address.

Thanks so much, will try this and get back to you.

Hi again. I emailed support as you suggested in two different emails…the email to change the password and email has been…frustrating. I can forward you the thread, so far 3 different support folks have all suggested the same exact thing without even reading my email/explanation or the other replies from other support people. I haven’t gotten a reply to the laptop return. Here is the issue, this was a gift for my daughter’s birthday…for her online classes and coding. I am at the hospital treating folks, so my schedule is quite bad. I need to know if woot can a. Send me an exchange of the laptop or if they can’t I need to order one from another vendor ASAP. And b. the current email on my account is DEFUNCT, and I wanted to associate the same email as my amazon. I don’t have the password to Woot bc this is an amazon associated woot account. I have explained this three times today, to no avail with support, each reply is to change my password through my email, which I can’t do. I am on a time restraint, and my schedule is terrible. Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

Hi there. Let me reach out to CS.

Thank you, greatly appreciated.

Hi TT, just checking in, I have not received any replies to either of my emails from support for the computer or the login…did you have any progress on your end? I really appreciate any help on this due to time crunch. I need to know if they can exchange or if I send this back I will need to find another from another vendor. Thanks.

Hi there. Just got an email from the CS manager. Your email is changed and she resent the return labels to your new email address. Make sure you check spam.

Thanks so much. The laptop is in the mail going back thanks to you. Emails and password are also updated. Greatly appreciated!! Take care.

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I am in the identical pickle as SRBC and have handled the return via a phone call but the person on the phone said that they can not update my email address and when I emailed I received only a canned answer giving me instructions on how to change my email through the website. Please help

Yeah, Amazon took away our ability to change emails. (Curses the meddling…)

We’re working to get that fixed but it’s taking a while. Could you try again in about two weeks?

If you need assistance for something else in the meantime, CS can help you out.