Can we get a name change for the Sports & Outdoors category?

Maybe just change it to Sports, Outdoors, & Apparel?

It just seems like if a new user (or even current users) navigate to the site, it isn’t immediately obvious that things like Jewelry or Intimate Apparel would be found in this category.

Maybe I’m just being a little OCD.

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You must not watch the Lingerie Football League.

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Heh. Yeah. When we closed down Kids and Apparel, those items went back to the category we used before those two. Kids stuff went to Home. Apparel went to sports. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ll pass on your feedback.

Everyone walks around outside in their underwear…

Of course, there are usually more clothes on top… But still. It is being worn outside!

Woot only needs 3 categories.

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Could it be



what about


Nah. Woot needs the typo for the comments. To be real the titles could be

  1. Very good squirt toilet chair fun gift for graduation, mother’s day, cleanliness.

  2. Very good suck bag very good gift for graduation, pets, cleanliness, big suck bag, excellent.

  3. Very good yuck juice for baking, cleanliness, gift for mom, graduation, volcano diy.