can woot sue?


i couldn’t help but notice a spammer mention his site every time a new woot comes up (only to be deleted and/or banned, of course), and of course i never really paid heed to it until i noticed that he had purchased advertising space through adsense for this site. so i checked it out (i won’t link to it, for fear i might give him unnecessary traffic, but it’s s h n o o and was appalled by what i saw. not only is it a horrible imitation of the woot business model, but they even tried to emulate the culture and even the sound of the name! woot should not really feel too threatened as this site does not have near the server-crashing following that woot has, but still, aren’t there some intellectual property grounds that woot can use to sue the pants off these clowns?

oh, and the site design makes me want to jump in front of a bus. anyone?


woot couldn’t sue over copying the business model… about the only thing they could go after would be if they copied the site design or something like that, and even that might get tricky i’d guess