Can you sleep without a blanket?

I cannot.

i can, mrs. 1 can’t, and miss 1 is turning into a leetle duplicate of mrs. 1.

Blanket protects me from the cat, so no.

I need a sheet over the largest portion of me. Not sayin’.

make that “cats” for me, and make the “blanket” about 3 so their claws don’t pierce my skin, and i agree.

If it’s winter, no. If it’s summer, just a sheet please.

Depends on what she looks like.

I’m not quite sure what you are talking about, but I’m sure it is a ewwwwwwwww

We have ac, so I use a blanket.

As a kid, with no ac, I think I had a sheet and a cotton blanket.

Gee, that looks like I need a blanket to sleep.

Can and do.

I don’t think I own a blanket…If it’s cold, I have a sheet, otherwise nothing.

Last night, we fell asleep without even the sheet pulled up. Windows were open, chorus of frogs and the hum of the fan sang us to sleep.

Until it started raining. Woke up to realize it was coming in the window, so hurried over to close windows, then went downstairs and turned on the ac. Fell back asleep.

Woke up a bit later FREEZING and groped around for the blanket that had been pushed to the floor. Brrrr!

During the winter, I’ll take a sheet. During the summer, get that crap off of me.

Mrs. Cruzer says I’m a furnace and requires a blanket.

AC is on all summer, so I do use a blanket. Of course, heavier one in the winter.