Can You Spell BRAAAINS!



*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?


Congratulations, dsladek! Wooters get at least one halloween shirt early. :wink:


Grats on your print dsladek, I just hope it comes out as you intended.


me wants


Love the color description!


Congrats dsl! Great job.


'Bout time it came out


No tie?


Ha! Cool design.


In for one, Awesome design!


I love zombies!

in for one!


Congrats ds. Love the writeup woot!


Man alive I love Zombie shirts! Congrats on the print!


Cool except i dont get why theres a chainsaw


Thanks a lot woot for taking forever, I go downstairs to tell my friends woot is taking forever and it changes on me after I sat here waiting for about 12 minutes straight. FIGURES. The second I leave it changes. I should have gotten first sucker too, and I WAS going to.

anyways, THIS SHIRT IS AWESOME woooohooo, I have so many asphalt shirts its not even funny anymore, but keep em coming!


Congrats on 2nd!


Eww, seriously? I thought this one would come in fourth! :frowning:


Sellout woot is still stuck on yesterdays though. :frowning:


In for one!


I hope that Grey rectangle in the background doesn’t print on the shirt =O(