Can You Spell BRAAAINS!


Just bought one. Looks nice =]


In for one.


HAHAHHA Thats funny, you can tell Halloween isn’t your thing :wink:


guess not… I’m with woot on the orange shirt idea; not so much the golems, but I’m interested in a nice design on an orange shirt!


With the amount of time it took to put this up, I thought it would have been a tie for sure.
Ah well…

Congratulations to the artist. As I said before, I’m a huge zombie fanatic but I just would have liked the zombies spelling out “zombie” to be centered without the large zombie and chainsaw there. Either way, your zombies are very sweet looking so great work.


So let me get this straight. If two shirts tie in votes you get to have them both for just $10?


There still could be a tie for 3rd. it’s happened.


ha ha! I did the same damn thing. I was refreshing the page frantically at 1:00
then I was like “what gives woot…better be a damn good shirt”


only for that night and they run a smaller amount. ie.: they run 1k of each or so instead.


Nice design. I was hoping for the Trick or Treat tho. Trick or Treat better get 3rd place or there better be a tie.


What is woot’s “Orange Shirt” idea?

Elaborate please, sounds interesting but I’ve heard of no such thing?


Eh… I can’t see myself wearing it.


Got two!


Maybe if you weren’t in such a rush to buy all the time, you’d actually read the write-up once in a while…


yep, I was hoping for a never before seen 3-way tie, but no such luck i guess… maybe a tie tomorrow


in for 1! thanks! awesome design!


ha ha, thanks blah, I should note that I hope trick or treat prints, because it looks like a sweet halloween shirt, but not sure I’d buy just for the holiday… a nice orange all-around shirt is what I’m beginning to crave


interesting that this shirt came out on the day (or kind of on the day) that the latest “zombie” flick came out… Quarentine. no coincidence i’m sure


love zombies and Night of the Living Dead - in for 2. I don’t really understand the chainsaw, either, but no matter. i’m also hoping that Trick-or-Treat prints tomorrow (who wants a shirt with a big freakin octopus on it , honeslty) if there’s a tie, i’ll have to find someone to give the ugly thing to


Good stuff. The zombie positions appear natural while still being quite clear, so props to you.

In for 1.