Canadian Commissions

Hi International Artists,
I’m looking for Canadian artists out there who can help me out (@midgerock?)

Woot/Amazon and I have had a heck of a lot of trouble setting up my direct deposit / commission payments. My first shirt printed in November, and I still haven’t had a pay day :(. It’s to the point I’m ready to switch banks.

If yours are working, can you PM me to let me know what bank you’re with and what account type you have? I’ve opened 2 accounts already for the commissions–one CAD, one USD, and neither have worked. I just want to know what works so I can set this up and focus on winning the superhero derby ;). Thanks!

I am from Ukraine which is not Canada :), but maybe my experience could be a little bit helpful. I also had big problems with setting up direct deposit payments.

In case of my country payments go through correspondent bank (it’s also called Intermediary Bank) in the USA. So payment “goes” from Bank that serves Woot to Intermediary Bank and then to Bank in my country. I have checked the info and Canadian banks also use Intermediary Banks (not all of them) and I think it’s kind of the same for international artist in other countries.

In my situation the problem was that they used my account number in the bank in my country, but instead of the name and SWIFT code of my bank they used the information of the intermediary bank.

It’s just my guess. But maybe in your case there was also switch of the info.

Maybe it was not 100 % identical situation, but the reason of the problem could be quite similar

Thanks for the input. I’ll include it in my next email.

Hope, it would help to find the solution.