CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Kit

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Kit

I’ve purchased Canakits before (mine only came with the case, power cord, sd card, and heatsinks). It’s a great way to get someone started on a raspberry pi project all in one box. Each part individually could definitely be bought cheaper though, especially if you arent going to use the electronic prototyping bits.

this thing is 25 bucks cheaper on amazon, for the exact same thing lol

Sylect, link please

You’re not looking at the correct one. Look at all the included pieces. The one we are selling is $89.99 on Amazon.

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Actually, both options are $20 more on Amazon.

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I’m hearing parts can be had for less individually…not much less. Let’s see, a quick search on Amazon:

Pi 3 B+ = $38.50 ($35 list price, but not many ways to get them at that price without shipping)
Official Pi Case = $6 (and make sure it’s not a crappy fake when you get it!)
2.5a power supply = $10
Samsung EVO Plus 32Gb Micro SD = $9.50
Breakout T-connector and breadboard = $9

And you’re at $73 without the booklet, HDMI cable, heatsinks (not necessary) and electronic pieces and parts. You could cheap out a few of those items and get lesser quality items, but you still won’t be much less.

I’d say if you’re interested in a Raspberry Pi kit to do electronics tinkering, this is a decent deal. If you only want it to hook up to your TV and play games, you could probably save just a couple of $$.

Edit: Sorry, just realized there was a retro gaming option too. Still not a bad deal if you consider individual item costs.


wow people really like to get fussy over the “deal”


Welcome to woot. snort


Why would I want this when I could just get an snes classic…

ha… tired of hearing ‘just buy a raspberry Pi’ as the token response to the nes/snes classic…

I mean, it’s a website with its reputation built on best prices on items. If your price is near current retail online, people aren’t interested. This is about convince us to buy things we really don’t need due to an awesome price. Amazon and their family member woot clearly doesn’t get that. Woot is a dime a dozen now, I mainly use SlickDeals now. Make about 5 to 10 purchases a week off their links. Amazon rarely shows up on there without a coupon to really give you an awesome deal. Truth hurts and websites like CamelCamelCamel exist due to so really crazy price changes on Amazon.

ThinkGeek is great to find products like this one on woot, then simply piece it together yourself, find a better product at the price you’re looking to spend, etc. Woot is great as a window shopper because you’ll see thing you don’t want in a hobby you might. This opens the rabbit hole to websites like ThisIsWhyImBroke

I hear you. If I had the time/effort to build a RetroPie I would. I got an NES classic for the convenience of it.

But this kit that has the SNES case and controllers is hard to pass up when it’s essentially the same price as a SNES Classic and has all the stuff I need to build it. Just need the time/effort to do it. Looks like all I’d have to do is download RetroPie, put it on the MicroSD, connect everything in the case and boot the bad boy up with a keyboard. Hard to pass that up… except I don’t want to spend the money.

Depends on what you wanted. If you only want to play a handful of preloaded games, the retro SNES is perfect. If you want a nostalgia box loaded with roms from the Atari 2600, Colecovision, N64, Dreamcast, arcade games and more… retropie is a great way to go.

I feel like the old lady on the Snickers commercial:

“Yeah, I got it, what the hell is it?”

Ordered the ultimate kit this morning. Didnt get my prime discount. Contacted customer service. They refunded shipping. I get home tonight to find my order was denied! Why? Who knows. My account was charged then hours later the charge reversed. 5th time in 2 years this has happened out of 7 or 8 woots. Now the kit is sold out and I guess I get screwed yet again.

Woot was great 10 years ago. I used to order from them all the time. I spent hundreds at woot. Since Amazon has bought them things have seriously gone down hill. Looks like a waiting game with customer service now. If they tell me too bad I’ll be canceling my prime and turning my back on woot and Amazon for good.

-very disgruntled wooter