CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Kit

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Kit

Anybody had a better experience with the controllers that are included? They ended up being pretty horrendous when I bought the previous iteration of this kit in April. Overall, this is a pretty good deal. Never had a problem with the CanaKit power supplies when running OSMC or RetroPie.

You’re basically paying a little over $30 for a case, a good PS, SD card, and HDMI cable (and two kinda worthless controllers).

The previous iteration (version with RPi 3B (not +) and 2-Pack Retro Controllers) for $59.99:

Does any body know where to get an image for the pi with included emulators?

Something like:

For the controllers I am getting a joystick kit.

I’ll wait for the Soulja Boy version.


You don’t need to buy anything or whatever. They are online. Just do a simple google for the retropie image itself and then go get all the games you want. Free and easy to do. Just takes your time. It’s all out there. Mostly put together for you.

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Does anybody else really wish there were a couple USB ports routed to where the fake NES controller ports on the front of the case are?

Here ya go

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In the pic, why is the microSD card crammed into the wrong end of the USB stick?

It’s actually correct for that particular reader.

They make the adapter so small that you actually put the SD card into the male end of the USB port.

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stupid question, but can somebody tell me what size fan I can put in that SNES style case? I don’t see it listed anywhere in the paper work and I don’t see the case listed on the canakit site.

Mine came without screws to secure the board to the case. Anyone else?