CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 - Basic Kit

49.99 on Amazon with Prime shipping.

RetroPie Setup Guide

Yay, we’re cheaper and you get free shipping if you have amazon prime.

Based off the specs from this website, the version being sold here is the Pi 3 Model B. The most recent is the Pi 3 Model B+, which appears to marginally more powerful in a few different aspects. Something to keep in mind in that’s important to you.

That being said, I got this model some time ago and made a RetroPie for my friend and it works great.

Not a bad deal… I just bought the CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 B+ that only had the board and power supply for $50 (no case). I would rather have the faster board. Cases are cheap, especially if you have a 3d printer.

I will list the differences between B and B+ for anyone interested. The specs I do not list are the same…

B 1.2 GHz
B+ 1.4 GHz

B 10/100
B+ 10/100/1000 (realistically 300)

B 802.11 b/g/n
B+ 802.11 b/g/n/ac

B 4.1
B+ 4.2

Posted this on the other one, but this one seems slightly more active.

I always wanted to play with one of these, but looking for a really fun it useful tool.
Retrpie is the arcade emulator, right?
What else have you guys done?

The new 3B+ model has the same MSRP ($35) as this. As far as the kits go, I had back luck with a CanaKit power supply, it started dropping power levels after a few months.

I currently have 4 Pis in use, 3 of these 3B models (a Pi-Hole ad blocker, a music streamer connected to my home stereo, and a media streamer for playing video off of my NAS). I have 1 new 3B+ which I am now using with RetroPie as the emulators can make a bit of use of the extra speed.

I personally have set up a Pi running OSMC (a kodi) player. And I have another running Octoprint. I’m still working on getting the Octoprint to run, it’s installed and set up, just haven’t gotten the time yet to actually use it to print something.

I’ve been thinking about setting up a Pi running Home Assistant (an open source home automation) and also putting google assistant on it. You can set up one to just run Google Assistant. Adafruit has a kit for that, think it’s around $20 minus the pi board.

I have versions of Raspberry Pi’s doing lots of things around my house. I use them for temperature and humidity monitoring and then turn circulator fans on and off with ifttt and wemo outlets when the a/c is running. I consolidate webcam motion detection pictures onto a webpage. I’ve got openvpn running so I can access my local network when I’m away, and also establish a secure link on public WiFi’s. One of my longest lasting projects has been a piaware ADSB plane tracker that feeds and gets you an enterprise account.

Another thing that I plan on using one for is a “kid safe” proxy server.

G’day mates is Australian. Cheers ears.

I have one running my entire home automation system with HomeAssistant. It also runs a few other low end tasks associated with either HA or managing the Pi itself (look into webmin for a great WebUI for managing your Pi, especially if your not as comfortable with the command line).

I bought another one about a month or two ago to run an upgraded version of HA (due to the newer version of Python) and I will probably repurpose the old Pi as an OctoPrint Server to control and do timelapses of my 3D printer.

Pi’s are awesome. For people on the fence: I am not a programmer or a Linux expert - in fact a year or so ago, I had never even seen one in person so don’t let that stop you. There are plenty of free resources, videos and projects/programs out there!

3 B+ Has 2.4 AND 5ghz wiFi, PoE, a bit faster cpu (1.4 vs 1.2) better memory(same amount).
3 B had problems with wifi connections…
Still, great units, they just keep getting better for same price.
Then you have RPi Zero…

FINALLY! Something I can use! I’ve been using an old Raspberry Pi Model B revision 2 to control my 3d printer via OctoPrint, but it tends to hesitate whenever I have the camera active, diminishing the print quality. Hopefully, this one will fix that lag…