CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 - Ultimate Starter

RetroPie Setup Guide

The feel in my wants to get one of these, but I haven’t really found a good use for one for me personally.

What’s your favorite project?
Most useful?

Is this a good deal? Was looking at getting a pi for sometime, but never really sure about all of the package deals.

A Pi is “priced fixed” at $35 so you can calculate the price of other components you need. The cheapest bundle gives you a case & a PS. You may have an extra micro usb charger already (and you don’t need a standalone charger to get going since you can power it with your computer usb) and you don’t need a case (which costs a few bucks unless you know someone with a 3D printer).

The other kits add a 16 gb micro SD with noobs, so figure about $8. But I think it is better to spend the time to configure your own SD card just to know how it is done.

Don’t know anything about the kit with game controllers.

Since this is an older model some stores such as MicroCenter now sell it for $30 and the new 3B+ is $35.

I am a bit of a tinkerer and have a couple of the mostly older Pis running stuff around the house. I have one as a general server for DHCP, DNS and music server. Another is a secondary firewall. A third is a Z-wave hub for home automation. It controls some of the lights in the house including Christmas lights during the season. A fourth runs Kodi and provides video on demand. Another has a temperature probe and records the temperature to a web site.

The two issues with Raspberry Pis that I have had are they are sensitive to power issues and issues with SD cards.

The power supplies need to be at least 500 mA if you don’t have any extra USB devices connected, but 850 mA is better. The included 2.5 A power supply sounds like it would be good.

Some of the SD cards I have used would periodically get corrupted. Others have been fine. Hopefully the included SD card would be a tested one with no issues.

There are places on line that show how to turn these into just about anything that is computer driven. You can make it into an Alexa or Google home.

I haven’t done these myself, but gives a good overview of the possibilities:

Can I use this to make a kick ass robot?

Also, why doesn’t Woot have a mobile friendly forum?

I cry myself to sleep every night over this.

That guided me down a 2 hour rabbit hole of raspberry pi projects lol

Gonna have to get one now

I have one running a minecraft server (spigot), works good enough for 2-4 players

I have a RaspberryPi running Retropie for playing old video games.
I have another one that I use to control a flood light on my garage as well as read if my garage door is open or closed and it can control the garage door. It controls both the light and the garage door by using a relay board hooked up to the GPIO pins. I then have all of these controls available on a secure website that I can access.

Pi newbe here… Every other place including Amazon shows this same kit as including a 32gb memory card. What will I lose by getting this kit that only has a 16gb card and how important is this? Some reviews say the case will need modification?

Also I noticed that the Pi is now up to version 3+, what is the difference? Thanks in advance for any further info!

The sd card is your hard drive basically. so more is better., but for a start 16GB is fine. You can always get more cards. So each card can boot something different if you are playing around.

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