Canari Men's and Women's Bike Apparel

Any idea if the sizes are correct? I usually wear 35" and the only size left is XL which is 36-38".

I mean, I hope they’re correct! We put up what we get from our vendors.

My husband wears these (and I’m unhappy I missed the combo shorts). The L fits 32-34, normally that is an M.

are the logos part of the fabric or is it glued on pieces of latex rubber? My clothing with rubber glued on pieces usually starts peeling off after a while, especially if they are stretched during wringing.

Are you asking about something specific or the whole sale? If you’re asking about something specific, can you link please?

asking more about the shorts, which goes through alot more stretching than other items of clothings.

Thanks, I sent a note to the buyer. I’ll update you when I know more.

UPDATE: It’s officially called a heat transfer application and it apparently looks like the latex type. Hope that helps!