Well my son ordered a product from this site using my card without my consent. I immediately contacted woot, however it is friday and they are gone for the weekend?

My question is, should I be worrying about not receiving my refund and the item shipping over the weekend, or can i trust the people at Woot to kindly refund me on monday?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Woot! item be shipped the same day it was ordered, its usually 3-5 business days later.

You should be OK.
I don’t work for woot, so I can’t say for sure.
The office staff is gone on the weekend, but then again, I don’t think they ship on the weekend either.

The people to write to are

Woot off stuff seems to take even longer.

You should be ok since we don’t usually release orders on the weekend and do cancellations first thing in the morning on Mondays. I’ll make sure to check your account when I get in on Monday. One way or another, we’ll get you straightened out.

//wondering what happened to son//

wondering the same thing. I imagine he is in TROUBLE!

That sounds great agingdragqueen. And thanks for all the replys from everybody…I must say, I am a new customer to Woot, but from what I’ve seen, this is a wonderful site. I will be returning often.


So I woke up this morning and checked my email, only to find out that I received the tracking number for the product I ordered friday night…
This is the worst possible thing to happen rite now…That damn mp3 player is going to put my bank account into over draft /:

I don’t get it…I thought you guys didn’t ship on weekends…

I’m extremely disapointed.

I know you might not believe us, but I have about 150 purchases with my accounts and I have never seen woot ship that fast. Especially with a woot off.
I usually forget what I ordered when it finally comes.

The people in service would have no way to know that somehow shipping figured out a way to get stuff out fast.

Sorry it all fell into place just in them to mess you up.

Agree. I got an email Sat. and another one Sun. that Woot-off items had shipped. I was pretty surprised. ONTH, those are tracking numbers and the Sat. one is “Not found” and the Sun. one is just information sent to FedEx, so maybe there’s still hope.

Sadly, when there is tracking attached to the order, our hands are tied as it would be literally impossible to find the order in the stacks of FedEx labels and miscellanea out there.

I emailed our friend up there this morning and have not heard back, we’ll definitely get him a refund, but it has to get to him and bounce back before I can do anything :\

Mark this down as one of the few times someone is upset with Woot for shipping too fast.

I received one of my woot-off items today. I have tracking numbers for the rest of them except my BOC. Oh wait, didn’t get one one of those. That’s why I wooted the new mouse

As I was typing, I should get most of my stuff by Wednesday. New year, they’re quicker these days.