Candles & Frames

Has anyone found a link to where we can get info on the STONE Candles so we can look up descriptions of the scents? Some sound interesting but for big bucks I need to have a better idea of what to expect than just “grain”. Does that mean Hops? Does that mean Wheat?
“What does that Meee-ean??”

Under “Specifications”, I believe you meant to say “sight”, not site.

I wish wood-wick candles weren’t so expensive. I love the sound they make, but they seem to be too pricey even on Woot! for me.

Ack! Which sale?

“To prevent fire, burn candle within site.” It’s on all the reclaimed candle specs.

Thank God these candles are GMO free… Because that’s something I’ve really been worried about in my candles

Ah! Thanks. I’ll send it in for fixin’.

I’ve only found one website selling the Havana Candle, and the fragrance description is “Amber and Tobacco.” All the rest of the links to Stone Candle lead back to Woot.

As someone who’s genetically programmed to melt wax and stick string in it, and who has not yet set the kitchen on fire like her mother did, I think these candles are way overpriced unless they’re handmade in someone’s kitchen that needs refinishing.


Has anybody bought the Beaded Metal Jar Holder? (It’s been offered numerous times.) Is it pretty? What are the beads made of? Are they glass, or plastic?

Wood-wick candles? Are you referring to the ones shown on the annoying pop up ad?

Great question. I searched on “fuel cell candle” and found lots of links. This item looks similar and is described as odorless. Don’t know for sure if they’re the same product:{adposition}&jkId=gpt:pt_32160&js=1&jsid=27745&jt=1&jr=

I was surprised to see a link to an MSDS (material safety data sheet), which states these are, “essentially odorless.”