Candy Basket Dark Salted Toffee Bars

Candy Basket Dark Salted Toffee Bars, 24oz Package - Approximately 22 Pieces
$29.99 $46.95 36% off List Price
Candy Basket Dark Salted Toffee Bars, 24 oz. Box

Well, that sucks. I bought the salted caramels last week on Wine.Woot without a problem, but for these, Woot’s order page said they can’t ship these to me because my state doesn’t allow wine sales.

Most likely an error that will be fixed when the powers that be wake up. Check back later.

These look dangerous.

Still no go, five hours later.

People need to sleep! It’s still early in CA, where wine.woot HQ is located.

We’re waking up. And it’s fixed.

Sorry about that!!


i must be the only person in the world who doesn’t like dark chocolate. every time candy basket items are listed i get my hopes up and then wind up crushed to the core to find the item is dark chocolate.

And I was able to order one. Thanks!

I’m trying hard to resist. I really don’t need toffee bars, you know. But I might end up ordering a batch, just to see if they are as good as they most probably are.

and I won’t be able to order it because I WILL NOT allow 3rd party cookies in my browser (violates corp guidelines)