Candy Basket Fall Chocolate Assortments

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Candy Basket Fall Chocolate Assortments
Price: $24.99
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I love the caramels and the pumpkin pieces. My little sister loves the peanut butter cups. Candy Basket really knows how to make us gain weight!

I am trying so hard to eat healthy, but the Fleur de Sel chocolates are amazing. They are so soft and just melt in your mouth. I do not normally like milk chocolate, but they are almost as good as the dark.

Got the dark caramels last year and they are great. Count me in for more!

Nom, Nom, Nom!


Love me some Candy Basket Salted Caramels!

I bought some peanut butter cups on here before and they were good. They had free shipping. By the time you add tax and shipping on these it is just too much. They look good though.

The fleur de sels are amazing – dark and milk! Best (and most original) hostess gift ever – to give AND receive!

I’ve ordered these a few times - they are a little firm (depending on room temperature) but wonderfully delicious. The balance of chocolate to caramel is perfect.

Purchased these a while back and the flavor was there, along with the plastic flavor of the packaging. Don’t get me wrong, i still ate them and they were tasty but i could have done without the plastic flavoring!

Whew!Just in time! I was down to my last six pieces of the dark and milk chocolate fleur de sel candy!!!

A few years ago I learned to stock up before warm weather comes along, and freeze my Candy Basket treats to stretch them through the months when Woot doesn’t offer them. Originally I thawed out just a few at a time when I was craving candy, but last year I discovered that I also love them FROZEN! Yum! Pop one of those tasty cold treats in my mouth and let them thaw ever so slowly. Nirvana!!!

In the early days of the Salted Caramels, we only offered the mix box. Due to wooter requests, we now offer you Dark, Milk, or Mixed. I’ll keep a tally today of the sales and let you know which one is winning. So far, Dark & Milk are pretty much neck and neck.

9:30am update: Dark Chocolate is edging ahead…

11:30am update: Milk chocolate closes the gap.

I love the salted caramels, but I haven’t tried the pumpkin ones. How good are they?

Girl Scout nut and candy sales started on Friday Woot! are you trying to cut in on their action? That’s kind of low if you are.

Hmmmmmmmmm, could be. :tongue:

Big fan of the salted caramels here, but the pumpkin stuff was kind of weird-tasting imo.

The salted caramels are legit, just like everyone else has said (I’m a bigger fan of the dark chocolate). But the turtles are where it’s at. A little sad to not see them on here, but at the same time I’m okay with that because I’d end up ordering a couple boxes and by the time it would get to Phoenix, they’d be a melted glob again (just makes for larger portions, ha!).

If you live in the Phoenix area, don’t order these until at least mid-November. But it would be assumed that if you live in Phoenix, you know not to order anything that can melt without ice packs and overnight shipping. :slight_smile:

I tried the Pumpkin candy assortment last year and I have to say it was just too sugary and sweet for my palette. I couldn’t finish the assortment and had to give it to my co-workers. I will try some of the others possibly.

Change those "~or~"s in the write up to “~and~” and gimme a price below $24 X 5 assortments. They all look tasty.

I think $12.00 a pound is quite reasonable for decent chocolate. I buy a lot from See’s and their stuff runs around $20.00 a pound and worth every penny to me!