Candy Basket Salted Caramels-Mixed

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Candy Basket Salted Caramels-Mixed
Price: $22.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Apr 08 to Wednesday, Apr 09) + transit
Condition: New


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It’s like a chocolaty orgasm of awesome in your mouth.

I don’t have a preference between the dark or milk chocolate, but if you do, find somebody who likes the opposite, then swap.

LOVE!!!LOVE!!!LOVE!! these!!! I am a dark chocolate person but I had no problem eating the milk chocolate ones. They melt in you mouth and you just want to eat the entire box.

Ruh Roh !!!

I’ve ordered these several times. They make great gifts, and even better private stash chocolates. They are seriously the tastiest caramel filled chocolates that this earth has to offer. I’m a fat ass and I’ve approved this message.

I froze the last box i bought. Just take one out of the freezer and pop it in your mouth and let it melt slowly for a delicious treat.

It sounds like they’re counting on standard ground shipping being OK this time of year, but some parts of the country are already hitting temps well into the 80s. Problem? Or no?

Drool… Must resist…

I bought 4 boxes for gifts last fall… I ate 2 instead, and only gave 2 away! These are entirely too delicious for words. And if you’re buying them as gifts, be kind to yourself and up the order by a box or two so that you don’t feel left out!

anyone know what brand these chocolates are?

The Candy Basket makes and sells these (if I’m not mistaken.)

Thanks, I’m feel like i should b wearing a helmet and riding on the short bus now.

These are delicious, but we’ve already hit the 90s in deep south Texas. I am so, so torn right now…

They would be just as good if all melted together into one big salted chocolate caramel goodness. you could eat it like a candy bar.

These things are the BOMB! Every time I see them, I buy the max number allowed. I put 'em in the freezer, and take them out one box at a time. We (there are two of us) have 2 each, just about every night for dessert, and they last until the next time we see them online! We don’t share these with people we aren’t related to (and even those people have to be on our good side)!

I would totally buy them even if it’s already hot where I am (it’s not, darn it) because I think they would figure out how/when to ship them safely … but as someone else already said, these would be good even in a solid mass, so it’s worth the risk!

These really are great. I got the mix of both dark and milk chocolate last time and honestly could not pick which on I prefer. I bought them around Christmas and froze about half of them. Once out of the freezer they taste just as good as they were when they arrived. Great gifts for others and a great treat for yourself!

The first time I got these, they were absolutely delicious! But the 2nd batch just wasn’t good at all, and I didn’t even wind up eating half the box before it got tossed out. So I think I’ll sit this round out

I’m the type that likes to know what I’m paying per piece.
Here’s the price break down for that.
Per the specs:
2 pieces = 1 serving
1 serving = 28 total
2 x 28 = 56 salted caramel goodness

Total price after shipping and taxes: (22.99 + tax + 5.00 S&H) roughly $29.89.

$29.89 / 56
= $0.53 per piece.

You guys are jerks! I have no idea why I was compelled to buy this. But… in for one…

Hello, fat town!