Candy Basket Salted Caramels-Your Choice

Candy Basket Salted Caramels-Your Choice
Price: $22.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Flavor: Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered

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You just made my whole year.
Thank you!!!

These are going to make a lot of people happy.

Yes, these are that good.

Yes, you should buy these.

And yes, you will wish you had bought more after you run out.

P.S. - The packaging is top notch and these make excellent gifts for the holidays.

Candy Basket Salted Caramels-Your Choice
Price: $22.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New


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Woohoo – we finally get to choose our chocolate preference! Come to the dark side!

A choice, and a huge limit.
rock on!
They’re even on +plus+

Just this afternoon I was trolling the internet trying to find these to buy my wife for Christmas. So happy they are so expensive elsewhere…

Here they are 10 bucks for a 6 oz box!!

Now the only question is to buy 3 or 5 boxes…

Bought these the last time they were up for the first time and I cannot tell you how much I love them. No other salted caramel can compare to these. They way they melt in your mouth is amazing. I typically only guy Godiva but I have not been to Godiva since I got these. Please buy them, you will not be disappointed.

There are no words to describe the flavor orgazm you will experience.

On a side note, like most people, I feel like I need to stock up because who knows when these will be back (and I can’t risk going another year without them). Anyone know the best way to store them, how long they will last, etc? Thanks.

Store them ? Just eat them.
It can’t be that hard.

I buy these every time I see them pop up around a holiday (I believe this will be my third purchase). I love giving these away as gifts.

The caramel is very subtle and not overtly sweet. The chocolate is a preference, of course, but I enjoyed both of them equally. And there’s just enough salt to give it a very pleasant bite. Trust me, you will not disappoint people with these babies. If anything, buy one for yourself and regret that you didn’t buy more later… :smiley:

I had them in a tupperware container (snapware, specifically). They kept for well over two months. But we ended up eating them all.

I can’t risk running out before they come back so I bought approximately a years worth. With a 10 box limit, why mess around. Your only going to regret it later.

You can freeze them and they’ll be fine for a long time. I know, I’ve bought them several times and stored them safely unopened in the box. For the summertime, when Woot doesn’t sell them. Buy several, you’ll be glad you did!

You have way more self control than I do my friend. It wouldn’t matter if it were 1 box or 10. If they are there they will be consumed. And It would not take a year !
Of course, not all by me alone. Family and all.

Three boxes of peanut butter cups, two boxes of white chocolate oreo cookies with peppermint bits, and one box of chocolate turtles…luxe chocolate gifts at $129…and worth every single penny. The Wootolidays are upon us. (I’m in the end zone, both hands up, rubbing my fingers together giving the money sign…make it rain, Candy Basket, make it rain!)

Thank goodness! They are finally here; I have been waiting ever since the salted caramel turtles started showing up to tease us! Seriously, if you are a first time buyer, spend the money and get 2 boxes. The first one will disappear before you know it. And then you will have to wait for a while to get another chance (probably). The next closest thing is making them yourself and that is incredibly time-consuming and a lot riskier than opening the box. Thanks Woot!

Wrap the box in saran wrap and put it in the fridge. If you want to store it more than 6 months put it in the freezer.

When you want to eat it, take it out but leave it wrapped until it reaches room temp. This will prevent condensation.