Candy Basket Valentine

Candy Basket Valentine

I think you have the ingredients list wrong on the cashew toffee (no white chocolate, no cashews).

Looks delicious! Sadly, nut allergy so I think this would be a bad way to spend Valentine’s Day.

You can just buy them for yourself and then just sit back and chug them straight from the box on the couch, in bed, or while luxuriating in a bubble bath.

You can also enjoy them while droppin’ a deuce or running on the treadmill

If these came earlier I would have snagged them, but vday was getting to choose, so I snagged these instead.

Sweet Treat Goodies Cups, Your Choice - $13.00 + $6 standard shipping

Thank you! We’ve updated it.

I’m sure they are great candies, but the photo makes them look kind of unappetizing.

Are they available in dark and milk chocolate? The sample photos in the listing (shown below) seem very different…