Candy Basket Valentines Bundles

Hello all. Ignore the estimated ship dates on the sale. Our system automatically creates worst case dates. WD says they will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.

Candy Basket Valentines Bundles - (Your Choice: Chocolate Nut Clusters or Chocolate Covered Caramels)
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$31.99 $56.95 44% off List Price
Chocolate Nutty Tower
(1) - Candy Basket Milk & Dark Chocolate Peanut Clusters, 8 oz. (8 Pieces)
(1) - Candy Basket Milk & Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters, 8 oz. (8 Pieces)
(1) - Candy Basket Milk, Dark, & Butterscotch Cashew Clusters, 8 oz. (8 Pieces)
Milk, Dark & White Chocolate Salted Caramel Tower
(1) - Candy Basket Milk, Dark, & White Chocolate Salted Caramels, 30 oz. (30 Pieces)

Where is option C? All dark chocolate all the time!! Ok fine, you can also put up the option D for you weirdos that only like milk chocolate if it means we can get the all dark chocolate option!

Good chocolates but when I ordered mine at Xmas, they took three weeks and multiple phones calls to send/deliver them. If you’re buying these for Valentine’s Day, you may want to have a Plan B.

Have ordered these twice and love them, until I found the same type of chocolates at Sam’s Club for $10.

Thank you!!!

Me too. And on top of that customer service has never responded to me about that matter which I think is even worse.

I agree, but you need the option E for the true weirdos who like white chocolate. :wink:

Sorry about that. Let me ping CS to see what’s going on.

So is there any guarantee if we don’t get them by Valentines? Nothing like getting the Christmas tshirt I ordered 3 or 4 years ago on December 1st for the office white elephant on the 22nd just in time for Epiphany. That was with an estimated shipment date of December 10th.

Not sure what you’re looking for. WD will see that they are shipped in time to arrive before Valentine’s. There are always things outside of our control that could prevent them from arriving - bad weather that delays UPS/FedEx, for example.

Your local candy maker can probably sell you fresher product that is as good or better for less.

As in advertised shipping/arrival dates are not always correct. I understand if there are problems once it leaves the location but I’ve had orders from Woot that didn’t leave distributor/seller until weeks after it was listed. I don’t want something I’ve been told will arrive before a given holiday not even make it out the front door. Are you willing to refund the purchase if that happens? Don’t even get me started on the car seats that took two months to get to my house. Good thing we ordered them 7 months before the kid was born instead of 6 weeks.

Do you have a link, stock number or keyword so I can find 'em? Thanks.

In my experience wine/gourmet.woot offerings, which are handled by WCC, get a better level of service and response than those from regular Woot.

yea, what she said!

this stuff is so good. it’s the perfect combo of sweet and savory (salt). I could not stop eating them.

I stopped eating mine just the other day. When I ran out.

Maybe it’s time to replenish the supplies.

Any chance of getting the dark chocolate ganache ones they had last year? Those were insanely good. I’d love to get them again.

hmmmmm I fondly remember these from my last purchase in 2012. I looked it up, there were 56 of them for $22 and I remember them being expensive, but worth it! Now there’s 30 for $32. At over $1.00 each caramel square, I’m out.