Candy Basket Winter Favorites - Your Choice - 6 Flavors

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Candy Basket Winter Favorites - Your Choice - 6 Flavors
Price: $9.99 - 22.99
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I have yet to try anything Maple Bacon that I didn’t like.

So much Yum! Between home and wine woots I think I need to run to the hills away from all internet access. I must resist!

Heck yes! I’ve been waiting for this ALL YEAR! knocks everyone down to get to the chocolates

Why can’t we choose between milk or dark chocolate only? And are all the dark chocolates mint? These look good but without a clear description and a choice, I won’t.

I think someone has made a mixup of some sort between the red velvet fudge being in the drop down list of items available but no picture. There is a picture of a “homemade assortment” but no item in the list of available items. This mixup also occurs in the specs tab too.

Add me to the list that would prefer to always have an option for only dark chocolate fleur de sel chocolate covered caramels. The milk chocolate ones are still good but inferior to the dark chocolate version.

@rampman10 I think it is pretty obvious that all of the items in the “Dark chocolate mint” are dark chocolate mints. Even more so if you look at the ingredient list in the Specs tab.

ok, one last comment. I’ve gotten the maple bacon caramels before and they are very good but I don’t think they are worth the much higher price per piece.

[MOD: All fixed.]

I bought the salted caramels last time and they were great. I’m buying them for gifts (and for myself!) this round. I highly recommend these.

Another enthusiastic post about candy basket, and another request for only dark salted caramels versus the combo with milk. The milk chocolate is okay, but dark is so much better.

Am I imagining things, or was there a time last year where you could buy only dark chocolate?

Answering my own question, in case anyone’s interested: yes, there was a time early this year where you could buy a 2 pound box of dark salted caramels. On woot. Proceed accordingly.

And, still, not offering dark only salted and milk only salted.

Luv these, but I’ll wait till WD does it correctly on WW.
He listened and responded.
Pass for now, on these, here.

I’m waiting, too. Nobody in my crew eats the milk chocolate caramels. I sure hope there will be Christmas caramel joy at my house. :tongue:

Yeah, the salted caramels are the mix dark/milk this time.

The Dark Chocolate box is the mint caramels.

All fixed. Last minute name change by the vendor. The Red Velvet Fudge, Pecan Logs and Divinity are ALL part of the Homemade Assortment.

It was offered that way last time on Home as well, just not this time.

I looked and looked for sourcing location. Are these Made in the U.S.A or imported?

Are they Made in CHINA?

That would be a deal killer for me.

This is important information and I believe required by law.

Oh goodness. Candy Basket is wonderful and right here in the USA. These are all made in the USA.

Thanks for the fixes ThunderThighs! The fudge in the homemade assortment doesn’t really look much like what I think red velvet fudge would look like but at least it is closer to correct now.

Now the question is, which did you get for yourself? I remember that you’ve said before that you enjoy these a lot. I think I might go for the homemade assortment and a box of the chocolate covered caramels for bring to the office.

Is this where you get a 2lb box and it adds 10lbs to your bum. I prefer the milk chocolate, but can’t cycle up that hill with a bigger bum so have to pass. Very tempting tho…

Depends…what does your current bum look like?

Where in the US? Is this the Oregon company?