Candy Corn Cannibalism

gratz goldfishinapicklejar :smiley:

The description says navy, but dang that looks black to me.

Heh, I’ll admit I didn’t like any derby winners except Pumpkin and Ghost but this looks really nice on that shirt.

Also, congratz goldfishinapicklejar, also winner of the Most Evocative Woot Username Award.

Congratulations, but on the contrary, I don’t like this design…

Aww, I wanted awkward. Fog of war sucks.

congrats- looks good.

wooo hoooo… 3 for me !!!

glad i stayed up. this was the only fog shirt that i wanted. is it just me, or does that shirt comp look black? at least the color says navy on the order confirmation.

This one Is awsome gotta get this!!! Thats Two Woots in Two Days not to bad. I just wish candy corn was around all year long.

yay another woot shirt for me!

Yay! My shirt! Congrats goldfishinapicklejar

zomg first again

One of the top 10 best shirt.woots that I’ve seen.

In for 1.

I would have been sad if this hadn’t been second. Though first would have been better still

Congrats! In for one!

Awesome! Thanks everyone for voting, I hope you love the shirt!

Click the link in my signature to buy this still.

My first woot. I’ll be interested in seeing exactly how the color is, because the graphic definitely doesn’t look navy to me. Congrats goldfishinapicklejar.

I love this design!! Way to go :slight_smile:

If the Candy Corn was having a Orgy I would buy it!!