Cannonball Contest

Well, we all know the winner of this contest! (I mean the one depicted on the shirt…!)

A very vibrant design with an imminent punchline! Congratulations, on your Derby win, Patrick! :slight_smile:

Last one in is fossil fuel!

I predict that this shirt will achieve a meteoric rise in the top 20.

I’m posting here to report a glitch.

If I didn’t know my way around Shirt Woot fairly well, I would think that “Science Always Wins” was still the featured shirt of the day, other than the new pricing.

At this point in time, when you mouse over the top word “Shirt” in the green tool bar, “Science always Wins” is the shirt that you see.

This shirt, Cannon Ball Contest, does show up properly in the box at the bottom of the page.:slight_smile:

I’m seeing Cannon Ball in the upper navigation bar in both FF & Chrome.

Clear out your temps/cache?

Oh golly… my computer is the glitch?

I use chrome. I don’t exactly know how to clear my temps/cache, but my husband says he thinks he knows what you mean. Between him and I we’ll give it a try.

(Now the 3rd place Derby winner is showing on the bottom of my screen, but “Science Always Wins” is still on top! I guess it is determined to win… lol :slight_smile: )

It’s not just you…this shirt was showing in my drop-down again today, until I clicked on it, and now the dropdown is “Death Awaits You”.

I’m still not able to recreate it. If you haven’t refreshed the page since the new sale launched, you’re going to see the previous day’s sale.

I tried logging out and back in again. “Science Always Wins” is still the one showing on the upper tool bar—unless I’m on a Woot other than Shirt Woot. Then it is correct.

Shirt Woot is the only place where “Science” is stuck.