Cannot enter postal code?

Is anyone else having the problem where they can’t order anything since the form keeps returning with “check your postal code”?

I’m trying to get the kids.woot for today and I can’t get it because it won’t accept my valid postal code! No combination works :frowning:

I’ve contacted service@woot and they aren’t doing anything about it…

If you don’t live in the continental U.S., you’re out of luck.

Here it is straight from FAQ:

Why isn’t my state/country/province listed; do you ship internationally?
No, we do not ship outside of the continental United States at this time. We do not ship to Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, nor to Maggie’s Nipples, Wyoming or Assinippi, Massachusetts at this time.

Hmmmm that seems strange I’ve ordered from with no issues, and have ordered from in the past. I don’t know what has changed. It’s totally annoying though when you can set up a Canadian profile, mailing address (including PO code), etc and then can’t order anything. Frustrated.

Shirt.woot shirts internationally. The rest of the woot! sites do not, I’m afraid. Sorry!

I would suggest looking into a parcel forwarder. When I was living abroad I used Shipito since they were among the cheapest. But they ship anything from any American retailer to anywhere in the world.

I’ve got the same problem, trying to order a shirt to a canadian shipping address.

I have been emailing back and forth with today… but so far no progress.

This is suddenly happening for me with shirt.woot. Just got a shirt in last week, and now all of a sudden, it’s not accepting the postal code that was saved by my browser, the same one that was entered before, the same one that a shirt was shipped to. I’ve even re-entered it about a million times. What’s up?

Did you email

If not, do so. Best bet for getting it fixed.

I also just encountered this issue today.

For those who haven’t checked the Shirt.Woot forum, please note that woor recognized the issue and has resolved it, so you should be able to make your orders properly.

As a guess, all that happened is they used the Woot site templates to create the new order form instead of the shirt.woot template. Since woot doesn’t ship internationally, it has different validation.