Cannot Stay Logged in on App

Trying to stay logged in on the iPhone app and its not letting me :sleepy:

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Yes, it’s true. If you’re using Login with Amazon, they control that. It’s on our roadmap to work with them to improve that experience if possible. Sorry for the frustration.


Same. ***t’s all ***ked up.

I haven’t been able to log into the forums from the app in some time. I get an Amazon error, “looking for something?” Like it doesn’t know where to redirect me after signing into Amazon. Junk crap. I threw my phone in the trash because it wouldn’t work.

Workaround seems to be go to account first, login with Amazon, then go to forum and click login button there.

I’m sure you know this stuff but did you try clearing the app’s cache? Or removing it entirely and reinstalling? Or even restarting your phone?

I did try clearing app data, but nothing else.

I spend evening hours with my Amazon Kindle Fire and can watch television news, do Face book and even (when I want) use the Woot app for the kindle Fire. However, the last few evenings it kept turning off on me and I had to start it again and again. Is this a common problem, or just me?*

It would be useful to have a search function, however I do look by category. In the early days Woot was a prize for the unexpected items.

Hi there. Ignoring the age-old search request, what exactly is the app doing? Does it just stop and disappear?

Could you try uninstalling/reinstalling, pls?