Canoe Ridge Columbia Valley Red Blend (4)

Canoe Ridge Columbia Valley Red Blend 4-Pack
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2011 Canoe Ridge Reserve Cherry Street Red Wine, Columbia Valley
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Prior vintage comments from Seattle Times article on top 50 regional wines in a Nov 2013 article

  1. Canoe Ridge Vineyard 2010 Reserve Cherry Street red, Columbia Valley, $24: This unusual blend of syrah, malbec and grenache is loaded with aromas and flavors of dark, jammy fruit. It’s an easygoing red.

This also made an appearance at the SoCal gathering last weekend. I liked it, probably ranked at tied for #2 (likely w/Saturday’s offering). Easy to drink, fairly fruity, reasonably balanced. I wish I’d written stuff down because this would be more helpful for you folks.

At $70 for 4 bottles it seems fair.

Like Klez preceding me I had this last weekend, unlike him I took notes but they are pretty minimal.

This wine was named correctly, cherries on the nose all the way also a bit of chocolate as well. I didn’t note any vanilla so Fred can go ahead and buy this, oh wait it’s not a cab. But he might like it anyway. Medium/full bodied which really complemented the flavor profile. The palate is still cherries and a little chocolate but doesn’t come off as big as the nose is. I wish I had taken a picture of the back of the bottle because remember the largest component being merlot and not Syrah but that might be the other blend we tried which is probably tomorrow’s daily.

This was my 2nd favorite of the Washington wines we tasted through behind the Alder Ridge cab, comparably priced I think that’s the better deal at $10 more. But to each his own. Sparkys nephew really liked this wine and was really hoping to buy it, at this price point I’m not sure he’d be in but maybe he can get a split.

I also had this at So. Cal #40, man that was a fun gathering, but I digress…I guess I liked this less than everyone else I put this one in 3rd place behind a wine yet to be seen. I found it a bit plummy and sweet with not enough acid or tannin for my liking? A well made wine just not something I prefer, this is fairly priced like most wines on Woot. All that being said I would not kick this wine out of bed :slight_smile:

Interesting differences of opinion. I had this at the gathering and ranked it as my favorite of the night (so did my woot-newby buddy). No formal notes but I recall:

  1. cherries on the nose with some raspberry jam and cocoa somewhere in the taste (fruit forward but not sweet or over the top)

  2. well balanced (alcohol and acidity were in check) and tannins were smooth

3.No discernable oak influence which is my preference.

  1. The blend was not on the bottle so we did not know whnat it was. In looking at the specs I realize why it was my favorite: Grenache!

We discussed what we thought the bottle would be at the winery tasting room (though I guess there is not one!). Klez and Tyger mentioned $35. I guessed $25.

At $17.50 delivered a solid deal in my opinion.

Not possible!4000 cases made :slight_smile:



Can’t think of a comeback. You got me!

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