Canon DC100 DVD Camcorder w/25x Optical Zoom



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Canon DC100 DVD Camcorder w/25x Optical Zoom
condition: Refurbished

$179.99 + $5 shipping


Anybody have one of these? Are they any good?


ahh, i bought one of these a while ago off woot but it recorded onto tapes. Its pretty good except at night it doesn’t do so well.


too bad its a refurb …


DVD is a dying media. Can this thing work with large capacity memory sticks?


Almost pulled the trigger, but I saw 3’’ DVD and Refurb.



These really are a pain in the tush. Have had problems with the dvd not being able to be read in the computer as well as a dvd player. Then you must buy the ones you know after wasting cash the will work with the camera.

I guess it’s all about the media used. It’s why I rather DV cams or even flash based.


I noticed the zoom lists 1000x Digital Zoom. Is that even possible? I mean, dang. Do they mean 100x?


The CNET reviews of it are unimpressive. I’ll pass even though I badly need a new camcorder


In low light this thing is not very good. I have a similar Canon model and that’s the biggest knock against it.


Sounded like an all right buy until I looked at reviews and saw this camera is pretty much the worst of the worst. Pass.


Review not to good at cnet here’s the link


We have one and its not any fun, you can’t edit , once its recorded. It gets hot and shuts down after about 15 minutes of shooting… so setting it up and letting it catch an event… forget it… we use it for a booked


I find the best way to use one of these camera’s is 3 inch dvrw, they cost a little more, but you end up putting the recordings onto normal dvdr disks anyway. The thing I miss the most on these new cams is no mic jack, just built in only. I use my trv-65 which is high 8 in low light, because dvd cams just dont have what it takes unless you spend some major bucks…


No, they do mean 1000x. Digital zoom is pretty useless though, as it only stretches the image into a blurry mess, so you probably won’t use that. The optical zoom is the only thing you should look at, and in this case it’s 25x.

I might have potentially been interested in this a couple weeks back, but I just bought a Panasonic Mini DV camcorder with 32x optical-stabilized zoom the other week. Mini DV is older, but actually allows video to be less compressed than with one of these DVD camcorders. Hard drive based cameras are better, but they typically cost a lot more.


bad woot…
the price, refurb and only 450k pixels…


not a camcorder expert…
how much video can this squeeze in? at which quality?


DVD is NOT a dying media…u kidding me?

If any media is dying…it would been CD (Introduced in 1982) or VHS (inteoduced in 1976 before I was even born)

ONLY in America…you can find VHS available as an option for “rental” or “exercise videos” or “porn video rental”

Only in America…where you will A so called “developed countries” or “first world” with cell phone penetrates less than 80 % of population. (Taiwan mobile phone subscriber rate is 110% of their entire population. Luxembourg is 164 % and Hong Kong is 117% . just check for yourself)

Only in America, you will find great percentage of population is still NOT connected to the internet nor do they care how to do it or want to learn it.

and you are telling me DVD is dying format? I dont buy it…

DVD is just introduced less than 10 years ago with millions of movies already avaiable on this format (and porns) I can be sure it’s going to be here to stay for a while.

Not that I hate new techonology. (I paid $600 back in 1995 for a 2x “CD Recorder”) and my mobile phone i got back in 2004 does more interesting things that iPhone can only dream of doing.

But the way the market is now…I doubt DVD will be gone for anytime soon.


25X optical zoom is very cool, but the straight to DVD isn’t as cool as it sounds at first. Canon makes nice film and digital still cams, but I would have to defer to any of the reviews online when it comes to their camcorders, of which you wont find anyone singing their praise. I’d pass if I where you, but I’m not so I wont, no wait I will pass just the same.