Canon DC40 DVD Camcorder



Canon DC40 DVD Camcorder

$319.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New


Format will be dead in 2 years


review at cnet


Is this HD? I don’t think it is, just 480p right? I’m looking for 1080p.



so you have to carry around media and take care of the media?

i dunno i think i like uploading data better than putting it on optical storage. less wasteful too.



Fairly good review, might get one as a gift.




i need me some optical image stabilization. not electronic. looks pretty good otherwise though, just not as good for moving filming.


maximum recording time 1 hour? boo… not good for parties/events


What WILL be around in 2 years? I don’t think anybody knows. 2 years is 2 lifetimes for electronics.


damn expesive for a subpar camera


im in serious of a handheld camcorder, i dont mind that this thing is in HD, but will it still hold up after a few years use



Kind of concerned about one of the reviews which says it has a 20 MINUTE battery life. eek!


Real nice reviews via CNET


What makes you say that? It doesn’t seem like the 80mm/120mm optical disc form factor will be going anywhere for a while and manufacturer’s tend to provide backwards (read) compatibility as long as the transport mechanism doesn’t change.


No mic or line input, NO DEAL.


Does anyone know the maxium capacity of
the mini SD card this takes?

Will it use a 4 GB card? A 8 GB card?

Seems like it would be better writing to card. More space,
no vibration, longer battery life.



This does have in intergal mic. If you mean does it have an attachable mic? no, it doesn’t. Most camcorders in this price range don’t. Sheesh, too have that feature, plus it’s other features would add cost to it and make it larger. Most people do not need a mic since they’re using it for weddings and parties.

For the mini-DVD being only 1 hour. Mini DV tapes only max at 2 hours, and that technology has been out for a decade. It get more recording time you would have to buy a standard DVD camcorder, which is bulkier than this is.

(Also mini DV cam-corders are much cheaper than these are, since it’s older, but proven, technology).
IMO, mini DV camcorders are better, since there’s no read time when putting in a tape, plus you don’t have to take time to finalize the dv tape. DVD and mini DVD’s need about 30 -45 seconds to read a disc when it’s put in. Serious negative there when trying to catch a once in a lifetime moment. When removing a disc, you can either finalize it at that time, or later on, but to have other players read it, you need to finalize the disc.

Edit: CNET says it takes less time to initalize the min DVD disc, only 15-20 seconds. From my experience, it takes longer than this. Of course, this could be because it SEEMS to take this long when waiting to get back to recording. Also, the battery usually has a 4hour life before it has to be recharged. But that is usually the case for camcorders of the type. (Mini DVs, mini DVDs & DVDS).

Here’s part of the CNET review, talking about the initilization of DVD discs:

Performance of Canon DC40
The Canon DC40 performs pretty well for its class, but remember that DVD camcorders are still in the remedial courses when it comes to recording lag. With a pre-initialized blank disc, start-up is virtually instantaneous; shutdown takes a few seconds. Initializing is another story. The camcorder requires about 15 seconds just to ascertain that a DVD-RW needs initialization and another 35 seconds to format for DVD-VR (rewritable) or 20 seconds for DVD-R. A partly filled DVD-R requires almost half a minute before the camcorder is ready to record. Once you’re ready to go, you’ll always have a couple of seconds of lag between pressing record/stop and the action occurring.


The price is $320, not $820.

Umm, you do realize you can carry more than one DVD with you, don’t you?