Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

$99 @

[MOD: Nope. That’s the li - lightweight lens. Different.]

Yeah if this was the 1.4 instead of the 1.8 I might bite.

It’s not “li”…it’s II, or the Roman numeral 2. And to some, the II is actually a better choice than the STM version. It’s $10 difference, so do your research if the money makes that much difference to you. The STM lenses do not have a mechanical focus, so turning the focus ring engages a motor to do the focusing rather than actually moving the elements to focus mechanically. This is a very different feel than a mechanical focus, and some folks hate it.

All that being said, buying somewhere with a return policy might be a safer bet.

This is a great little lens if you want to try a faster lens than the typical zoom but don’t want to shell out serious money. I have the II version (non-STM, plastic mount) and love it, and all of the reviews I’ve seen have said this new version is a pretty substantial improvement. It’s lightweight and takes up hardly any room in your camera bag, and it’s fast enough to get pictures in lower light than your kit lens will. It’s also better for defocusing the background than a kit lens.

I’m seeing a price of $110 on the mothership and at B&H, but I guess if you don’t have Prime and have unlocked the free shipping deal here that runs through today, this is a competitive deal.