Canon EOS 5DS Digital SLR (Body Only)

Canon EOS 5DS Digital SLR (Body Only)

Good price.
Does anyone know if this Is this manufacturer refurbished?

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Is the refurbished by the manufacturer? WWhat kind of warranty comes with it?

It’s 3rd party refurbished.

It has a 90-day Woot warranty as shown at the bottom of the features.

Dang, wish it was cheaper. You can get this new for this price right now.

@ChrisAshton84 Where?!? I see them new for double+


This is a great model for studio work/shooting in the daylight. The 50.6 megapixel sensor is INSANE! That being said, it’s not the greatest for low light photography.

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I can’t find what he is talking about either

Check BBB on ParkAve. They’ll call you later to tell you it’s an international version and then try to upsell you.

Ours is verified to be a US version.


The ones you can find around this price point are going to be international or “grey market” models, they should work the same but Canon USA won’t honor the warranty since the camera wasn’t imported by them for the US market.


I remember dealing with shenanigans like that when I was way more in to photography back in the 90’s, seems to be a common tactic amongst the shady online camera shops (and there are a LOT of them!).

I’m intrigued by this, but think I’ll have to wait in hopes that you guys have a deal on a 5D Mark IV again some day soon.

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Looks like a solid camera for my start up fusion business: “Animals with hats in wide angle lenses and tasteful n00ds (obviously not in the same room or same time. Don’t make this weird. Why are you making this weird?!”)".

A little wordy in the title, but that’s a kink to work out later when my white utility van mobile studio starts raking in the dough.



Anybody know what Mark this is?

It looks like between Mk III and Mk IV, but closer to IV. But, it is a different beast (S is for studio, I believe). Compared to the Mk IV is doesn’t have touch screen, 4K Video or Wifi, plus some other things. It doesn’t have the Digic 6+, but does have dual Digic 6 chips. It has 51 Megapixel compared the 30 in the Mk IV.

@donal, It’s in between the Mk3 and Mk4, but isn’t really a part of that family. It’s a specialty camera with 51 megapixels when the rest of the 5D line is around 22-25. It’s terrible at low light in comparison, but great when you need a larger filesize (fashion, commercial, landscape, etc).

These are surely grey being sold as refurbished

These are verified to be US versions from our vendor.

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I don’t think the fact that this item is a USA vs International import really matters since it’s 3rd party refurbished. You won’t be going to Canon for repairs.

As an aside, I was a professional photographer for many years. I almost always bought grey market. It was, of course, a gamble. But for the tens of thousands of dollars I spent over the years - I easily saved several thousand. While I never had a warranty repair - even if I had the savings would have easily justified any extra expense I may had had. Most of the repairs I did have were done through CPS and wouldn’t have been covered under warranty anyway.